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Bizarro Author Jordan Krall

It’s Jordan Krall’s birthday today.

For any of you that have not read any work by Jordan Krall, I highly recommend starting with Squid Pulp Blues. The book is Lovecraftian, Film Noir styled bizarro. It is one of my favorite books of 2008. Jordan’s writing is visceral and dark. He combines squishy grotesque details with a gritty fast paced story telling style. When I read his work, I often don’t know whether to be turned on or grossed out. I have had people buy this book at conventions, start reading it and come back to buy more of Jordan’s books the same day.

Watch for new work by Jordan Krall in the first issue of The Magazine of Bizarro Fiction. His story “The Pistol Burps” is a prequel to his forthcoming Spaghetti Western-inspired novel, Fistful of Feet . I have read it already, and I can tell you it’s incredible.

Happy Birthday Jordan. Hope all your squidy dreams come true!


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