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RadCon 5B 2010

RadCon 5B is a Sci-Fi/Fantasy Convention held each February in Pasco, WA.  It is a gathering of all of the freaks and weirdos in the Tri-Cities area for a weekend of fandom, costuming, gaming and partying.  This is the second year that Eraserhead Press has attended RadCon, this year as the Small Press Guest of Honor.

Eraserhead Crew (clockwise from top left): Kevin Shamel, Jeremy Robert Johnson, Carlton Mellick III, Angie Molinar, Jeff Burk, Forrest Armstrong, Cameron Pierce, Chrissy Horchheimer, Rose O'Keefe

Three of our artists displayed work in the art show, here’s a photo of Carlton Mellick III’s art panel:

Carlton Mellick III artwork shown at RadCon

Our performance event, The Bizarro Hour featured Jeremy Robert Johnson’s ridiculous brand of Bizarro Magic, Jeff Burk performing Shatnerquake (with a special appearance by William Shatner), Cameron Pierce was a Banana Man who collected shoes for charity, Carlton Mellick III as a fiendishly brutal LARPer and Kevin Shamel who turned the audience into his puppets with the help of his mad ventriloquism skills and a zombie cat.

Earlier that day, I caught Cameron preparing for his performance by tearing apart a copy of his book:

Cameron Pierece, author of Ass Goblins of Auschwitz

Later, he passed out the pages torn from his book and with the help of the audience completed a full reading of the book – as each person read their page aloud simultaneously.

Torn page from Ass Goblins of Auschwitz

It was awesome!

Then we partied late into the night.  During which some hi-jinks ensued back in the hotel room:

We had an absolutely awesome time, met lots of good people, and our crew participated in over 10 different panels. Chrissy Horchheimer got dressed in a kimono, Angie Molinar sketched a live steampunk model, Cameron Pierce debated social theory and gender politics with Larry Niven, and Jeff Burk blew the minds of Star Trek fans when he proposed that in the new alternate universe of Star Trek the Borg will meet and assimilate the Tribbles.   We brought Bizarro fiction and fun to Pasco, met some cool guys that create zombie tools for surviving the apocalypse, and enjoyed seeing all our fan and  friends again.

See you next year RadCon!

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