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Coming Soon: Bullet Through Your Face

Bullet Through Your FaceDeadite Press, an imprint of Eraserhead Press, is proud to announce a forthcoming collection of short novels by Edward Lee.

No writer is more extreme, perverted, or gross than Edward Lee. His world is one of psychopathic redneck rapists, sex addicted demons, and semen stealing aliens. Brace yourself, the king of splatterspunk is guaranteed to shock, offend, and make you laugh until you vomit.

Bullet Through Your Face collects three classic Lee stories that are favorites among his fans and sadly have long been out of print, having previously only appeared in hard to find, expensive, limited editions.  We are excited that these stories will be available for the first time ever in one trade paperback collection for less than $12.

The novels are:

Ever Nat – One man is forced to endure an unimaginable torment just to stay alive, one night at a time.

The Salt-Diviner – A touching story of one couple and the quadriplegic, homeless fortune teller locked in their basement.

The Refrigerator Full of Sperm – Why are all the men of Luntville falling into comas with their pants down and dick up?

“The hardest of the hardcore horror authors” – Richard Laymon

“Reading Lee puts you in instant and uncomfortable touch with the conservative, book-banning guardian of decency deep within yourself. What I want, reading Lee’s description of a hillbilly sodomizing an old woman’s colostomy stoma, or two nuns urinating through catheters into a priest’s mouth and urethra, is not just not to be reading it anymore – a wish I could easily grant myself by closing the book – or even just for nobody else to want to read it, either. What I want is for it not to exist.” – Tim Kreider, The Baltimore City Paper

Put this book on your “to read” list, Bullet Through Your Face will be available in May.

To find out more about Edward Lee, visit his website at

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