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New Eraserhead Press Team Member: Bradley Sands

Eraserhead Press is happy to announce the addition of Bradley Sands to our editing team! He will be editing books for the Eraserhead Press main line as well as the New Bizarro Author Series. Bradley comes to EHP with plenty of experience in the genre, as well as extensive writing and teaching credentials. He’s a well-known name in Bizarro Fiction, authoring such books as, Rico Slade Will Fucking Kill You, Please Do Not Shoot Me in the Face, and Sorry I Ruined Your Orgy as well as editing the bizarro magazine, Bust Down the Doors and Eat All the Chickens for seven years.

We asked Bradley some questions about bizarro, and what makes him right for Eraserhead. Here’s what he had to say:

1. What makes you the perfect person for this job?

I’ve been involved in the bizarro fiction community since before the “bizarro” term was coined (I even participated in the conversation when we decided what to call it long ago on livejournal). I’ve read almost every bizarro fiction book that has been published. I’m an experienced and detailed editor.  In the past, I was the head editor of Bust Down the Door and Eat All the Chickens, which is a literary journal that publishes bizarro fiction. I worked on it for seven years. I’ve also worked on books as a freelance editor. I’m a huge fan of bizarro fiction and I believe my excitement as a reader will serve me well as an editor.

2. What does bizarro mean to you?

The concept of bizarro describes nearly everything I’ve ever written since first grade when I wrote my first story about my teacher’s sentient coffee stains. It describes the kinds of books I was always looking for in high school. Discovering them was like finding buried treasure because it seemed like no one else knew about them. Overall, I associate bizarro with the imagination. Bizarro books are more imaginative than nearly everything else in every medium. There are no limits to where bizarro fiction books can take you.

3. What are your top five favorite bizarro books right now?

Broken Piano for President

Sea of Patchwork Cats

The Pickled Apocalypse of Pancake Island


Help! A Bear is Eating Me!

Welcome, Bradley Sands!

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