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First Release from Shark vs Badger Comics

Eraserhead Press is proud to kick-off our new imprint for comics, Shark vs Badger Comics, with a collection by the weird and wonderful Andrew Goldfarb.

Goldfarb’s acclaimed comic series, A Hundred Horrible Sorrows of Ogner Stump, is a magical and weird journey into the horrors of everyday life. Join Ogner Stump and his amorphous companion Slub Glub as they encounter demonic hot rods, voodoo tentacles, swamp witches, psychopathic surgeons, nightmarish landlords, door-to-door coffin salesmen, and the Green Fairy.

From ritual human sacrifice to the moon’s anus, they find despair, misery, and wonder in nearly everything. There is a moral lesson to be learned in each story. There must be. Andrew Goldfarb’s surreal vision is one of shadowy desperadoes and haunted love affairs, all set within a darkly antique universe. Sure to delight fans of Terry Gilliam, Harvey Pekar, and Frank Zappa.

“This is what a comic drawn by Dali would look like!” – GARY HORNBERGER, Razorcake

“Genuinely creepy. Like early David Lynch, like ‘Eraserhead.’ Goldfarb needs help.” – SHANNON WHEELER, Too Much Coffee Man

Click here to buy and learn more.

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