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New Bizarro Fiction: Discover the Weird and Unmissable

Hey there, fellow fans of the bizarre and the unconventional! It’s been a wild ride since our last website update, and damn, have we got some exciting news to share. We’ve been busy curating a collection of mind-bending tales that will take you on a journey through the extraordinary and the downright weird. Let’s dive in.

What’s Coming Up:

September 2023 – Vampire of the Sun by S.T. Cartlegde

Imagine welcoming a new baby, only to find that a vampire infant from outer space crash-landed in your backyard. Yes, you read that right. Vampire of the Sun takes parenthood to the next level with a slice-of-life drama that explores the meaning of family in the most unusual circumstances. Get ready for a tale that’ll leave you questioning what it truly means to hold on to the ones you love, even when the odds are astronomically stacked against you. Preorder now!

October 2023 – The Overlooked by Simon Oré Molina (Illustrated by Roman Dirge)

Remember The Overlook Hotel? It’s not done haunting your nightmares. Join Teddy and Hellen Grady, two sisters who’ve made the haunted hotel their home. This unique tale unveils the mystery of a little blond boy who shouldn’t be there and the chilling secrets that lurk in the hotel’s shadows. The Overlooked is a must-read for grownups who revel in the strange and the uncanny. Preorder now!

November 2023 – Why I Married a Clown Girl from the Dimension of Death by Carlton Mellick III

Step right up to a romantic comedy like no other! Why I Married a Clown Girl from the Dimension of Death takes your average fear of clowns and turns it into a rollercoaster of love and terror. Timothy’s phobia is the only thing keeping him alive in a world overrun by deadly clowns. But when he falls for the cute and sweet clown girl Puppy Caterpillars, he soon realizes that his nightmares might be closer to reality than he thought. Preorder coming soon!

What You Might’ve Missed:

July 2023 – Glass Children by Carlton Mellick III

The Glass Children, delicate and fragile, are shaping the future of our world. Literally. These beings made of glass are emotionally and physically as delicate as they come. Dive into a thought-provoking journey that questions what happens when a society adjusts to accommodate the most delicate among us. Buy now!

June 2023 – Echo by John Urbancik

Echo takes you through a mirror into a world of charcoal, chalk, and neon. Magic intertwines with pathos as two stories echo each other, revealing different outcomes in the same locations. A through-the-looking-glass story that will keep you hooked from page one. Buy now!

May 2023 – You Always Try to Kill Me in Your Dreams by Carlton Mellick III

Dreams are supposed to be safe, right? Not for Elias, who’s thrust into a world where dreams can be deadly. A thrilling journey awaits you in a post-pandemic world filled with the tension of surviving not just reality, but the nightmares that come with it. Buy now!

April 2023 – Little Miss Apocalypse by Danger Slater

Teens, prom, and a missile hidden in a girl’s… well, you’ll have to read it to find out! Little Miss Apocalypse is a wicked blend of teen rom-com and the bizarre, where irreverence meets coming-of-age in the most hilarious ways. Buy now!

October 2022 – The Girl with the Barbed Wire Hair by Carlton Mellick III

Meet the girl who’s part human, part monster, and all captivating. The Girl with the Barbed Wire Hair is a story of love and vengeance, where a broken soul will do whatever it takes to hold onto the very thing that terrifies her. Buy now!

May 2022 – Goblins on the Other Side by Carlton Mellick III

Welcome to Heaven, where perfection is the norm. But follow the rules, because even in paradise, negativity is a ticket to the unknown. Goblins on the Other Side is a tale that’ll keep you wondering what lies beyond the rules and the familiar. Buy now!

Thanks for being awesome and supporting independent art! Stay weird, stay curious, and keep an eye out for more tales from Eraserhead Press, where the extraordinary is just a page-turn away.

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