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New Releases Summer 2013

Eraserhead Press is proud to present the hottest new titles of the summer!


In Heaven Everything Is Fine: Fiction Inspired by David Lynch edited by Cameron Pierce

For over thirty-five years, David Lynch has remained one of the weirdest, most challenging, and provocative filmmakers. From his early experimental films created as an art student in Philadelphia, to his foray into digital film with Inland Empire, Lynch’s filmography is as diverse as it is influential.

In Heaven, Everything is Fine: Fiction Inspired by David Lynch is a tribute to one of the greatest filmmakers of all time.

Featuring Thomas Ligotti, John Skipp, David J (of Bauhaus), Ben Loory, Nick Mamatas, Amelia Gray, Kevin Sampsell, Blake Butler, Jeff Burk, Matthew Revert, J. David Osborne, Cody Goodfellow, Violet LeVoit,  Sam Pink, Jeffrey Thomas, Garrett Cook, Andrew Wayne Adams, Edward Morris, Zack Wentz, Laura Lee Bahr, Kevin Sampsell, Gabriel Blackwell, Michael J. Seidlinger, Suzanne Burns, Jarret Middleton, Matty Byloos, Chris Kelso, Joseph S. Pulver, Sr., M.P. Johnson, Kirsten Alene, Jeremy C. Shipp, Jody Sollazzo, Liam Davies, Jeremy Robert Johnson, Kris Saknussemm, Mike Kleine, Nick Mamatas, Thomas Ligotti, Nick Antosca.





















Quicksand House by Carlton Mellick III

From master of bizarro fiction Carlton Mellick III, author of the international cult hits Satan Burger and Adolf in Wonderland, comes a dystopian nightmare of epic proportions.

“You must never leave the nursery. If you leave, you will certainly die.”

Tick and Polly have never met their parents before. They live in the same house with them, they dream about them every night, they share the same flesh and blood, yet for some reason their parents have never found the time to visit them even once since they were born. Living in a dark corner of their parents’ vast crumbling mansion, the children long for the day when they will finally be held in their mother’s loving arms for the first time… But that day seems to never come. They worry their parents have long since forgotten about them.

When the machines that provide them with food and water stop functioning, the children are forced to venture out of the nursery to find their parents on their own. But the rest of the house is much larger and stranger than they ever could have imagined. The maze-like hallways are dark and seem to go on forever, deranged creatures lurk in every shadow, and the bodies of long-dead children litter the abandoned storerooms. Every minute out of the nursery is a constant battle for survival. And the deeper into the house they go, the more they must unravel the mysteries surrounding their past and the world they’ve grown up in, if they ever hope to meet the parents they’ve always longed to see.

Like a survival horror rendition of Flowers in the Attic, Carlton Mellick III’s Quicksand House is his most gripping and sincere work to date.






















Japan Conquers the Galaxy by Kirsten Alene

Japan, the weirdest country in the world, is about to get a lot weirder.

American businessman Alexander Peliman is trapped in Tokyo, a neon city where anti-gravity shoes are the hottest fashion accessory and pornographic sashimi is the newest delicacy.

Meanwhile, Kambei Hirotashi, the world’s greatest and most powerful inventor, prepares to launch Japan into outer space and conquer the galaxy. But when Alexander stumbles upon his secret plans, the inventor enlists the service of his Sanrio assassins, who will stop at nothing to see the American dead.

Now Alexander and a manga-eyed girl must team up and fight their way through Hello Kitty hit men, a shark-headed secret agent, a retirement home for giant monsters, and an armada of gigantic bioengineered invertebrates before Japan lifts off into outer space.

Will Alexander escape from Tokyo alive or will he live the rest of his days with the electric eel in his hotel room, stranded in space as JAPAN CONQUERS THE GALAXY.






















You Are Sloth! by Steve Lowe

“Why you are sloth? Because fuck you is why! HAHAHAHAHA!!1!”

That’s the last response you got from The Spammer, who’s developed an insidious computer virus that transforms people into their power animals. You never should have opened that email from the Philippino Sherriff’s Attaché to East Berlin. So many missed warning signs there, but you were drunk last night. Things have been rough lately – you can’t pay your rent, your neighbors are annoying, you keep getting strange calls from horny guys with unique and unsettling fetishes, you’re way behind with work, and your computer is suddenly crapping out on you. And now you’re a goddamn sloth. Nice going, genius. But there’s more at play here than simple animal hijinks. You’ve been added to the Homeland Security Terror Watch List, and the cops want to question you about the mysterious disappearances of several gay men, who all seem to have called your phone just before they vanished. Not only has this Spammer fuck turned you into a sloth, he’s framed your slow ass, too! You’ve had enough of this shit. With the help of your neighbors, Cross the Asshole and Randy the Retard, you form the SLOTH SQUAD. It’s time to track that Spammer down and reap some three-toed vengeance on his ass.

You are Sloth!

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  1. The Lynch-inspired antho is easily the best thing I’ve seen in years and years. Goddamn, count me in! I’d sell my soul for a soul–but that’s another matter. I have this amazing-sounding book to look forward to, don’t I? Hold the Eraserhead bus–I’m jumpin’ on….

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