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Fall 2015 New Releases from Eraserhead Press – Kyle Muntz and Carlton Mellick III

Available now! Eraserhead Press is pleased to present our book releases for Fall 2015.

1621052060 SCARY PEOPLE by Kyle Muntz

“Kind of like what might happen if Richard Brautigan had been hired to co-write an episode of Adventure Time. Scary People is playful and painful and surreally real, and great fun to read.” – BRIAN EVENSON

It’s about a group of friends in a place called the City, who keep dying and coming back to life. There are pirates, pedophile aliens, streets full of crucified prostitutes, a serial killer who bakes cakes out of children. Reading this will feel like a throwback to classic early-years Eraserhead, while also embodying an anime vibe that we don’t see nearly enough of in bizarro.


1621052079 BIO MELT by Carlton Mellick III

Nobody goes into the Wire District anymore. The place is an industrial wasteland of poisonous gas clouds and lakes of toxic sludge. The machines are still running, the drone-operated factories are still spewing biochemical fumes over the city, but the place has lain abandoned for decades.

When the area becomes flooded by a mysterious black ooze, six strangers find themselves trapped in the Wire District with no chance of escape or rescue. Banding together, they must find a way through the sea of bio-waste before the deadly atmosphere wipes them out. But there are dark things growing within the toxic slime around them, grotesque mutant creatures that have long been forgotten by the rest of civilization. They are known only as clusters–colossal monstrosities made from the fused-together body parts of a thousand discarded clones. They are lost, frightened, and very, very hungry.

It’s Attack on Titan meets David Cronenberg’s Videodrome in this apocalyptic cyberpunk horror novel by the mutton-chopped kingpin of bizarro fiction, Carlton Mellick III.

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