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New Release: MOON SNAKE by Kirsten Alene

“Beautiful, mysterious, and surreal, Kirsten Alene’s MOON SNAKE is a perfect gem of a book. Luminous and sublime.” – Jeff VanderMeer

Eraserhead Press is proud to announce the release of MOON SNAKE by Kirsten Alene. In this two-novella collection, you will be transported through surreal landscapes of avocado houses, talking mastiffs and dream ships and fall in love with the fairytale-like characters. Like nothing you’ve seen from this author before, MOON SNAKE is Alene’s strongest and most poetic work to date.

moon snake

My mother always said, “Nothing as sad as a moth that thinks it’s found the moon in a candle flame.”
And that is who I am, or who I am meant to have been.
I whisper under my breath, “Moon in a candle flame, moon in a candle flame.”
And it’s true. It’s sad but also beautiful.


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