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New Bizarro Author Series

Eraserhead Press is pleased to present the New Bizarro Author Series lineup for 2018! We have six new writers to introduce you to this year, selected and edited by Garrett Cook. This is the ninth year of the series which is known for delivering fresh new voices to the Bizarro Fiction audience and this year we’ve given the books a fresh new look as well! We’ve done away with the traditional cover design template and also made them a cute new size. Another change we’ve made is that the books will be released on a bi-monthly basis throughout 2018. Thank you for your continued support of the series, we hope you’ll be as excited about these changes and these new books as we are!


by Larissa Glasser
Release Date: January 15, 2018
A cruise ship on the back of a sleeping kaiju. A transgender bartender trying to come terms with who she is. A rift in dimensions known as The Sway. A cruel captain. A storm of turmoil, insanity and magic is coming together and taking a ship deep into the unknown. What will Carol the bartender learn in this maddening nonplace that changes bodies and minds alike into bizarre terrors? What is the sleeping monster who holds up the ship trying to tell her? What do Carol’s fractured sense of self and a community of internet trolls have to do with the sudden pull of The Sway?
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by Caleb Wilson
Release Date: March 15, 2018
You’ve seen monster hunts before. You’ve watched as a guy with throwing axes and ninja stars ascends stairs to fight a big furry werewolf with tentacles or a floating head of indeterminate origin. You’ve seen hunters. But you’ve never seen Polymer. Polymer’s got style, Polymer’s got sex appeal, Polymer’s got panache. And you, lucky reader, get to join us right behind the glass in Sickleburg Castle where the battle of the century is about to commence. Who is the man behind the music, the monsters, the guts, the gore and the glory? Get ready for an event like no other.
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by Katy Quinn
Release Date: May 15, 2018
Winnie and Colt forever. Winnie is Colt’s one and only, Colt is Winnie’s true love. Winnie is Colt’s rifle. There is nothing Winnie wants more than to please Colt and since a rifle is everything the young cowboy’s ever wanted, she certainly does that. But one day Winnie finds that she is not a rifle but in fact a woman. Can Winnie keep the sparks between them ignited, even if she isn’t the gun of his dreams. What happens if she can’t?
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Eviscerator by Farah Rose Smith
Release Date: July 15, 2018
Vex Valis- doctor. Vex Valis- rocker. Vex Valis- iconoclast. You would think Vex Valis has it all but what Vex has is a secret that rots away at her from her very core. Vex is infected with Gut Ghouls and will do anything to be rid of them, even if it means consorting with subterranean worms or blending science and the occult in dangerous and unsavory ways. You may envy Vex’s jet setting Dark Wave scientist lifestyle but you won’t when you see the trials incurred when she catches the attention of a being that rends people and worlds alike, the scrutiny of…The Eviscerator
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Fell Beauties by Leigham Shardlow
Release Date: September 15, 2018
In the last outpost of ugliness in the world, beautiful people are falling from the sky. When Fat Janet is kicked out of the buffet where she has holed up for food and safety, she is forced to confront not only the reality of perfect falling bodies but the attentions of an overzealous plastic surgeon and his followers. She teams up with a mystery man in hopes of getting out of this alive but soon finds that confronting the problem head on is the only option. Can imperfection survive this beautiful disaster?




Crime of the Scene
by Shawn Koch
Release Date: November 15, 2018
Art, a detective investigating a crime scene finds that nested inside this crime scene is another, and inside that another. Demons, physical deformity, body switching and endless trials await Art, as he begins to face his own transgressions. Reality grows distant as he soon comes to realize that he has stumbled not only upon the scene of many crimes but of all crimes. Art might just have what it takes to get to the bottom of these but only if he gets to the bottom of himself.

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