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New Release: SLEAZELAND by Cody Goodfellow

We are pleased to announce the release of one of our most anticipated titles of the year, SLEAZELAND by Cody Goodfellow!

“SLEAZELAND does something amazing: it gets L.A. right. Cody Goodfellow’s lacerating tour of the worst of Hollywood manages to be dark and bouncy, sharp and cuddly, all at the same time. Packed with movie references, TV series pitches and even a new religion, Goodfellow’s mysterious hero knows he’s a Background guy but somehow, in SLEAZELAND, ends up the romantic lead. Is that a Hollywood ending? No spoilers but as Goodfellow reminds us: “Stars aren’t born, they’re bent.” – Buzzy Jackson, author of The Inspirational Atheist and A Bad Woman Feeling Good

“Hardboiled and scrambled at the same time” – Podbean

Sleazeland front cover

From two-time Wonderland Book Award-winning author, Cody Goodfellow, described as “one of the best writers of our generation” by grandmaster of horror Brian Keene, and “the Ellroy of speculative fiction ” by acclaimed cult author Jeremy Robert Johnson, comes a novel of desperation and degradation in the city of mutilated dreams.

Loathe him or hate him, nothing can stop Charlie Parsons from living the Hollywood dream––not homelessness, not a shady agent who sends him on daily suicide missions, not even the combined might of the LAPD and the infamous Blood Eagle Security. With only a tattered tell-all bio of the most problematic child star in TV history for guidance, Parsons is going to get famous if he has to blow every studio mogul in town to make his dream come true.

But Charlie slides into a nightmare when he touches the bulging belly of a runaway pregnant woman with the unborn son of a cult-leader so powerful, thinking his name could give you cancer.

From the empty LA River to an eternal, interdimensional A-list party, Charlie is running for his life, crashing through twisted alternate Hollywoods where the religious right rules all and bloodthirsty studio execs hunt the homeless for sport. On a quest to save the proverbial damsel in distress, he’ll have to pitch a dozen shit-hot movie ideas, slay the dragons of his problematic past and somehow overcome the temptation of the most dangerous addiction in the dirty business of dreams––true, unselfish love.

SLEAZELAND is one of Cody Goodfellow’s absolute best works of bizarro fiction. A parable for the harsh realities of surviving in one of the filthiest industries on Earth.


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