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New Release: HELL OF DEATH by Vince Kramer

Eraserhead Press is pleased to announce the release of HELL OF DEATH by Vince Kramer.

Hell of Death is an offensive, hilarious adventure through the depths of Hell where Satan is like your cool older brother. And at the center of it all is the Hell House, Hell’s version of the White House, with its own president and everything. So it’s all political and shit. But not too political. There’s literally a scene where you can’t even keep reading anymore because a pit opens beneath you and screaming demons pull you down into the abyss! YOU’LL DIE! HOLY SHIT! Don’t read this book without drawing an upside cross on your forehead and a pentagram on the floor. Yell out “Hail Satan!” after every page if you want to survive! And if you don’t even want to live anymore, then kill yourself with the special Hell of Death razor blade (sold separately). Satan will be waiting for you!

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Vince Kramer is a gay author who lives in Portland, Oregon. In addition to Hell of Death, he is also the author of Gigantic Death Worm, Death Machines of Death, and Deadly Lazer Explodathon. Follow him on Instagram!

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