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New Release: CAPTAIN CLIVE’S DREAMWORLD by Jon Bassoff

Eraserhead Press is proud to announce the release of Captain Clive’s Dreamworld by Jon Bassoff.

After becoming the suspect in the death of a young woman, Deputy Sam Hardy is reassigned to the town of Angels and Hope, which, within its borders, holds the once magnificent amusement park, Captain Clive’s Dreamworld. When he arrives, however, Hardy notices some strange happenings. The park is essentially empty of customers. None of the townsfolk ever seem to sleep. And girls seem to be going missing with no plausible explanation. As Hardy begins investigating, his own past is drawn into question by the town, and he finds himself becoming more and more isolated. The truth—about the town and himself—will lead him to understand that there’s no such thing as a clean escape. 

“The Twilight Zone mixed with Twin Peaks mixed with Dante’s Inferno.” – Jeffrey Thomas

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