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Bizarro Environmentalism

Happy Earth Day everyone.  On the topic of the environment, I encourage you to hop on your bike today and ride down to your local library to check out the following books:

Help! A Bear Is Eating Me! by Mykle Hansen
Trapped in a remote Alaskan forest, pinned under his own SUV, gnawed upon by nature’s finest predators, Marv Pushkin — Corporate Warrior, Positive Thinker, Esquire subscriber — waits impatiently for an ambulance and explains in detail the many reasons why this unfolding tragedy is everyone’s fault but his own.

Teeth and Tongue Landscape by Carlton Mellick III
In a world made out of meat, a socially-obsessive monophobic man finds himself to be the last human being on the face of the planet. Desperate for social interaction, he explores the landscape of flesh and blood, teeth and tongue, trying to befriend any strange creature or community that he comes across.

Extinction Journals by Jeremy Robert Johnson
You can survive a nuclear blast. All you need is some luck, and maybe a customized business suit coated in cockroaches. The uncanny voyage of a man across a newly nuclear America where he must confront the problems associated with loneliness, radiation, love, and an ever-evolving cockroach suit with a mind of its own.

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  1. I spent Earth Day with a bike ride, a rainy picnic and walk in Forest Park (best sandwich ever = homemade blackberry jam, organic honey, almond butter, and flourless, sprouted bread), a special screening of The Room, and reading “God on Television” in the new edition of Sunset with a Beard and some of Log of the S.S The Mrs. Unguentine by Stanley Crawford. “God on Television” is a perfect story for Earth Day.

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