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The Slow Poisoner

Andrew Goldfarb is a fierce multimedia visionary who expresses himself through writing, painting, comics and his one man band The Slow Poisoner.  All his work is interconnected and takes place in the same dark, swampy, weird world and he plays the traveling snake oil salesman voodoo priest that brings his own brand of  magic with him in a vintage trunk, his guitar shaped like a dying swan, his secret language of eyebrows, his velvet paintings, and his own genuine miracle tonic. I have published two of his books The Ballad of a Slow Poisoner and Slub Glub in the Weird World of the Weeping Willows and his comics have appeared in issues of The Magazine of Bizarro Fiction.  He played one of my favorite shows of all time last year at the Eraserhead Press 10 Year Anniversary Party and he’ll be performing again at this year’s BizarroCon on Thursday Nov. 11th at McMenamin’s Edgefield in the wine cellar.

Today, there’s a great interview up at the Philadelphia Indie Music Examiner with Goldfarb:

“The Slow Poisoner, with his black garments, dark Mediterranean-like looks, and devilish expressions, writes and plays songs surrounded by old-timey American imagery, the occult, the 50’s horror set, science fiction, esoterica, carnivalesque oddities, original mythological tidbits, rituals, swamplands, magic, and the altogether weird, among a host of other things. On his album “Roadside Altar,” for example, he sings at length about spells in the song The Hex, about headless roosters in Run Rooster Run, and about all manner of things that go bump in the night in the electro hobgoblin number Flaming Creatures (of Rock & Roll).”

Click here to read the full interview.

You can hear Andrew Goldfarb’s music at his website The Slow Poisoner, and connect with him through myspace, facebook, and twitter.  You can also check out his comics at Ogner Stump.

Hope you enjoy!

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