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Queer Pride!

Today is National Coming Out Day .

Eraserhead Press would like to express our queer pride and stand in solidarity with our gay, lesbian, bisexual, asexual, and transgendered friends  on this day of celebrating diversity.

To all of our readers, writers, and supporters we just want to tell you that we appreciate you and all of your unique kinks. Let’s celebrate each other today and enjoy the journey with our minds open.

Thanks for being you!

4 thoughts on “Queer Pride!

  1. As a queer man I just wanted to say thanks, both for the message of support and for not pandering… unless your buying the cocktails, then pander all you like.

    1. Thank you! And if we ever meet, cocktails are on me.

      1. You’re on (if you guys come to RadCon again this year, which I hope so, I keep having to drive to Portland to get my Bizarro fix)! 🙂

  2. I’m not any one of those (maybe asexual at times) but am definitely a square peg who’s given up on trying to fit a round hole so can appreciate anyones proundness to not be societies norm. keep on stimulating my thoughts with strangeness, biting satire, horror (my main reason for delving into the genre), and the bewildering. I’m loving some authors, others not so much but the fun is in the exploring so keep knocking them out 🙂

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