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Getting Ready for BizarroCon 2010

Everyone at Eraserhead Press is getting excited for BizarroCon next weekend.

Jase Daniel’s made this beautiful poster for the event in lieu of being able to attend in person, which inspired me to post it online and share with you some of my enthusiasm over this year’s event.

There is such an incredible list of attendees this year from old friends to new faces. I am anxious to see all of you in person and to share the unique experiences that only occur at BizarroCon.

I am excited to welcome everyone to Portland on Thursday night with a special performance by The Slow Poisoner . This one-man surrealistic rock band played at the Eraserhead Press 10 Year Anniversary Party last year and we are happy to have him back for this intimate performance in the Edgefield Wine Cellar at 7pm. Join me for a glass of wine and the weird tunes of the incredible Andrew Goldfarb.

Other highlights of the event include:

  • The Eraserhead Press Book Release Party on Friday night featuring our 100th bizarro book release, The Bizarro Starter Kit (Purple) along with tasty homebrews crafted especially for this event!
  • The Wonderland Book Award on Saturday night and The Ultimate Bizarro Showdown!

Click here for the full BizarroCon schedule.

See you down the rabbit hole next weekend, my co-conspirators!

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