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Rose’s “Survivor Countdown” video featuring Eraserhead Press

Here’s a video where Rose (from the movie “Rose: A Bizarro Zombie Musical“) interviews four bizarros from Eraserhead Press including myself (Rose O’Keefe), Jeff Burk, Cameron Pierce and Carlton Mellick III to see what we’re up to during the zombie apocalypse. It’s like Space Ghost Coast to Coast meets Pee Wee’s Playhouse.

This will be the first official bizarro fiction movie to be made, but we can only make it happen with your help!

Please donate to the ROSE kickstarter campaign, a film written and directed by Eraserhead Press author and editor, John Skipp.

In these remaining 42 hours, every dollar counts! We will only get the money if the goal is met.

It is currently at 97%. So close!  Then the bizarro zombie musical magic can happen for real! So help a filmmaker out!

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