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Spotlight on Troy Chambers

Today marks the one year anniversary of Troy Chambers working at Eraserhead Press! We are grateful to have Troy as part of our team. We may call him our “office bitch” but in one year’s time he has made some very significant contributions to the company including overhauling our website BizarroCentral and bringing us into the digital age by heading up the creation of our line of ebooks including Kindle, Nook, and ePub versions of many of our titles.

Troy is also a fantastic copy editor, cake decorator, artist, and resident Necromancer. He practices Vodou, mummifies animals and talks to demons in his spare time. He is an absolute joy to have around the office and is constantly entertaining us with his crazy stories.

And recently, Eraserhead Press published Troy’s first novella through our New Bizarro Author Series that is like The Little Mermaid meets Hellraiser. It is titled Seven Seagulls for a Single Nipple.

To learn more about Troy and his work you can follow him on Facebook .

Thank you for everything Troy! I look forward to year 2.


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  1. Yay Troy!!!

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