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Call for submissions for new anthology edited by Bradley Sands

Bradley Sands will be editing a multi-author anthology called How to Win at Ultravision: A Strategy Guide for Video Games That Don’t Exist. The anthology will be published by Eraserhead Press in 2015. The project is inspired by Jeff Rovin’s How to Win at Nintendo Games and Jorge Luis Borges’ reviews of books that don’t exist.

Submissions are now open. Bradley Sands is looking for mini-strategy guides for games of your own invention. They must be in the range of 1000 words to 5000 words long. Text only. Payment is $10 and a contributor’s copy.

Email submissions to

Here are some links to examples:

A page from How to Win at Nintendo Games:

From The Ultimate Game Guide to Life:

A piece written by Albie about a game that doesn’t exist. (I recommend cutting and pasting it into a MS Word document because it’s otherwise a bit difficult to read):

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