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Fall 2014 New Releases

Announcing the latest releases for Fall 2014 from Eraserhead Press.

Dodgeball High
by Bradley Sands

1621051617On the dodgeball court, EVERYONE can hear you scream.

Justin Lucas just started at a new high school, but there are no classes in really important stuff like English literature, mathematics, science, or history. Instead, the entire curriculum is dedicated to playing dodgeball. Justin is…perplexed. Where are the pencils and textbooks? Why are there so many explosives strapped to the balls? And what’s up with the barbed wire? Does the school administration really think it’s appropriate to wrap the balls in barbed wire?

Dodgeball High does not seem like a safe environment for a young man. But his classmates don’t care. They kinda remind him of junior Mafia dons, little serial killers, and pint-sized dictators from third world countries. And they are all really good at dodgeball (and the shedding of their classmates’ blood), while Justin totally sucks. And to make matters worse, Justin’s parents are like…total dicks. They won’t let him go to a different school because they think he’s full of crap about this “dodgeball nonsense.” Not to mention that Dodie Manson, the greatest player in the school, has a gigantic crush on Justin. And whoever Dodie wants, Dodie gets, and her BFs have a habit of experiencing intense pleasure prior to their “mysterious” decapitations.


Does Justin have what it takes to survive and make it to the top of his class before graduation? Or will he be eliminated permanently? Read Dodgeball High to find out, but watch out for the ball that’s coming at your head!


1621051625WHO’S THE BOOB NOW?

When lonely, understacked Shari decides to “Woman Up” – using the latest in parasitic breast-ballooning technology – her new stripper gig brings all the attention she craved.

But deep inside her gigantic left boob, another loner desperately dreams of escape. One worm against the multitudes, filled with rage and unstoppable will big enough to change the entire fucking world.

Mad science meets mad lack of self-esteem in this epic Bizarro fable, where the bigger the nipples, the bigger the ripples in the cosmic hell-o-sphere.

“Half-Mellick, half-Goldfarb, and all its own thing, WORMJOB sticks its squirmy teet straight in your mind’s eye and squeezes, milking your brain with hideous laughs and wonder.”– John Skipp

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