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Summer 2015 New Releases from David Agranoff and Andrew Goldfarb

We have two very special new releases on Eraserhead Press this summer: AMAZING PUNK STORIES by David Agranoff and MIDNIGHT EARWIG BUFFET.


David Agranoff is a razor sharp writer, a storyteller with a hard rock pacing, a magician of ideas, an adventurer in subcultures, an expert in underground music scenes–all of which is apparent in Amazing Punk Stories. But he’s fundamentally something else. David Agranoff is an idealist in Hell.”
– JOHN SHIRLEY from his introduction

Gasp in horror at redneck cannibals who eat a steady diet of bands!

Tour the underground music scenes at the edge of the universe!

Behold the insanity of mosh pits at the end of the world!

From the frontiers of deep space to a punk rock village in the wasteland of a world nuked by Ronald Reagan. Amazing Punk Stories will take you to a punk scene in the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition. A punk scene both familiar and utterly bizarro.

Riffing off themes from the genres of mystery, western, cosmic horror and science fiction; Amazing Punk Stories contains thirteen studded and spiked tributes to classic pulp fiction.

Available from: Amazon, Kindle, Nook


“A dark, floating, surreal gumbo; part Edward Lear, part Dr. Seuss—and who knows what else. You could almost show this to kids—or could you? Buy two—color one in. The Slow Poisoner strikes again!” —JELLO BIAFRA

“Andrew Goldfarb has imagined, written, and drawn a new 21st-century classic of disturbing beauty and lasting revelation. With ingeniously rhyming concision, and emotionally-impactful  noir  (literally) pen-on-ink graphics, he has inscribed on our psyches an extended, updated mythology for our traumatic times. Renewing the “Biological Horror Genre” with “At the Midnight Earwig Buffet,” he has provided food for nightmares forever! Moral lessons abound (but subtly); let us fervently fear the underrated spectral force known as hubris (“The Compliment That Killed” and “And This Shall Come to Pass”). Fans of the divergent, the unusual, and—yes, let’s use the word: genius—will find much to savor in this distilled depository of doom. Lewis Carroll, Edgar Allan Poe, H.P. Lovecraft and Lynd Ward must be stirring happily in their graves…” —V. VALE, founder of RE/SEARCH and SEARCH & DESTROY

“Midnight Earwig Buffet is a morbid Smörgåsbord of vulgar verse vignettes from the mercury maddened mind of Andrew Goldfarb—the Slow Poisoner. Echoing the works of Roald Dahl, Gahan Wilson, Carl Sandburg & Jim Flora, Andrew Goldfarb channels poetry & pictures from the waterlogged badlands between the Age of Romance & the Age of Reason. Expertly serving up a series of worm infested small plates spiced with alektorophobia, hypochondria, vermiphilia, bogyphobia & thanatomania, Goldfarb is your personal grotesque gourmet leading you through a sensational journey of aberrant antipasti.” —SEAN ÄABERG, editor of PORK Magazine

“Goldfarb’s whimsical derangements are enticingly strange. Charming. Alarming. And cost mere pocket change!” —JOHN SKIPP, author of The Art of Horrible People

“Andrew Goldfarb’s strange, verbal effusions are matched perfectly to his equally oddball accompanying drawings —a perfect cocktail of words and ink!” —BILL GRIFFITH, author of Zippy the Pinhead

Available from: Amazon

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