Bizarro Fiction T-Shirts

One of our favorite affiliates is SCURVY INK. Screenprinter, Sam McCanna lovingly creates t-shirts, patches, and other fun items based around books and writers that he likes. Check out some of our favorite designs and order some fun new t-shirts for the summer!

Eraserhead Press Logo

(He even made Rose O’Keefe a custom one of these with pink ink!)

Deadite Press Logo

Lazy Fascist Press Logo

Zombies and Shit T-2000 T-Shirt

(Rose wears this shirt at least once a week and gets a lot of questions about it)

Cripple Wolf T-Shirt

Hyno-Hog’s Moonshine Monster Jamboree T-Shirt


(based on the book and artwork of Andrew Goldfarb, one of several Goldfarb’s designs)

Motherfucking Sharks T-Shirt


Trashland A Go-Go T-Shirt


Unicorn Battle Squad T-Shirt


Skullcrack City T-Shirt


And this is just the tip of the iceburg, folks. Check out SCURVYINK.COM for the full list of designs and start representing Bizarro Fiction in your wardrobe!

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