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Where To Find Bizarro Fiction In Los Angeles This Weekend


Bizarro Fiction writers invade Los Angeles for AWP 2016 and Days of the Dead Convention Thursday, March 31st – Sunday April 3rd!


David Agranoff, Laura Lee Bahr, Leza Cantoral, Brian Allen Carr, Autumn Christian, Noah Cicero, Rios De La Luz,  Juliet Escoria, Constance Ann Fitzgerald, Cody Goodfellow, Gabino Iglesias, M.P. Johnson, Michael Kazepis, Sean Kilpatrick, Andrea Kneeland, Marc Levinthal, Ross E. Lockhart, Kevin Maloney, Scott McClanahan, J. David Osborne, Christoph Paul, Cameron Pierce, Tiffany Scandal, Michael Seidlinger, John Skipp, Danger Slater, Bix Skahill, Anthony Trevino, Grant Wamack


AWP Conference & Book Fair, Los Angeles Convention Center, Booth #431
We have your essential weird fiction pop-up store set up at Booth #431 in the exhibit hall at AWP. You can find titles from Eraserhead Press, Lazy Fascist Press, Fungasm Press, Word Horde, Broken River Books, Lady Box Books, and King Shot Press! Come visit us for personalized recommendations and find out what’s new and what’s hot.

There are TONS of FREE offsite events associated with AWP. Here’s just a few where you will find your bizarro friends:

  • Days of the Dead Convention, Los Angeles Burbank Hotel
    Friday night Splatterpunk legend John Skipp (The Light at the End, Tales of Halloween) moderates this wild discussion DAYS OF THE DEAD: Los Angeles 2016 with some of its finest new writers, showing how Bizarro differs from more traditional horror, science fiction, fantasy, and mainstream tales.Featuring authors:
    Danger Slater (I Will Rot Without You)
    Laura Lee Bahr (Haunt & Long-Form Religious Porn)
    Cody Goodfellow (All-Monster Action)
    Autumn Christian (Ecstatic Inferno)
    MP Johnson (Dungeons & Drag Queens)
    And books will be for sale all weekend at our table in the vendor room!


  • Mass Autograph Signing at Dark Delicacies Bookstore in Burbank, CA
    The weekend will culminate in a giant bizarro bonanza at the coolest bookshop in Burbank on Sunday. If you do one this this weekend, this should be it!Featuring authors:
    JOHN SKIPP (The Art of Horrible People)
    LAURA LEE BAHR (Long-Form Religious Porn)
    DANGER SLATER (I Will Rot Without You)
    AUTUMN CHRISTIAN (Ecstatic Inferno )
    CODY GOODFELLOW (The Last Goddam Hollywood Movie)
    MP JOHNSON (Dungeons and Drag Queens)
    J DAVID OSBORNE (Low Down Death Right Easy)
    RIOS DE LA LUZ (The Pulse between Dimensions and the Desert)
    TIFFANY SCANDAL (Jigsaw Youth)
    MICHAEL KAZEPIS (Long Lost Dog of It)
    MARC LEVINTHAL (The Emerald Burrito of Oz)
    DAVID AGRANOFF (Amazing Punk Stories)
    ROSS E. LOCKHART (anthology wizard)
    GABINO IGLESIAS (Zero Saints)
    CHRISTOPH PAUL (Slasher Camp for Nerd Dorks)
    LEZA CANTORAL (Planet Mermaid)
    GRANT WAMACK (A Lightbulb’s Lament )
    BIX SKAHILL (Babes in Gangland )
    ANTHONY TREVINO (King Space Void)