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SPACE WALRUS by Kevin L. Donihe on Kindle

SPACE WALRUS by Kevin L. Donihe on Kindle

Space: the final frontier… these are the voyages of… a walrus?

Meet Walter. He is the first walrus in a revolutionary space program. Someday, his blubbery form will float past asteroids, stars, and planets as he journeys through the dark beyond to become a Master of Space. But for now, Walter’s dream is to win the heart of his lifelong love, Dr. Stephanie, who happens to be the scientist assigned to conduct experiments on him. The problem is Dr. Stephanie does not love Walter. She views him as a test subject and nothing more. To make matters worse, Dr. Stephanie appears to be in love with the abusive head scientist, Dr. Ron.

From Wonderland Book Award winner Kevin L. Donihe comes a tragic comedy of unrequited love and inspired determination.

Now available on Kindle

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BIZARRO MONDAY ebook sale!


CRAZY EBOOK SALE! TODAY only, over 200 titles in our catalog are just $0.99 each. Find books from all imprints and popular authors!
Here’s a complete list:


Janitor of Planet Anilingus Andrew Wayne Adams
Japan Conquers the Galaxy Kirsten Alene
Unicorn Battle Squad Kirsten Alene
Kitten G. Arthur Brown
Deep Blue Brian Auspice
The Night’s Neon Fangs David Barbee
Lepers and Mannequins Eric Beeny
8-Bit Apocalypse Amanda Billings
Shatnerquest Jeff Burk
Cripple Wolf Jeff Burk
House Hunter S.T. Cartledge
Seven Seagulls for a Single Nipple Troy Chambers
SuperGhost Scott Cole
Time Pimp Garrett Cook
Jimmy Plush Teddy Bear Detective Garrett Cook
The Cheat Code for God Mode Andy DeFonseca
Towers Karl Fischer
Trashland A Go-Go Constance Ann Fitzgerald
A Hollow Cube is a Lonely Space S.D. Foster
Wormjob M.T. Granberry
The Mondo Vixen Massacre Jamie Grefe
The Crud Masters Justin Grimbol
Drunk Driving Champion Eric Hendrixson
Gutmouth Gabino Iglesias
Dungeons & Drag Queens M.P Johnson
Gigantic Death Worm Vince Kramer
You are Sloth! Steve Lowe
Pax Titanus Tom Lucas
Placenta of Love Spike Marlowe
Elephant Vice Chris Meekings
The Haunted Vagina Carlton Mellick III
Sweet Story Carlton Mellick III
Apeshit Carlton Mellick III
The Tick People Carlton Mellick III
Christmas on Crack Carlton Mellick III
Sausagey Santa Carlton Mellick III
Cuddly Holocaust Carlton Mellick III
Quicksand House Carlton Mellick III
Ultra Fuckers Carlton Mellick III
Zombies and Shit Carlton Mellick III
Kill Ball Carlton Mellick III
Armadillo Fists Carlton Mellick III
War Slut Carlton Mellick III
The Cannibals of Candyland Carlton Mellick III
Fantastic Orgy Carlton Mellick III
The Menstruating Mall Carlton Mellick III
Sex and Death in Television Town Carlton Mellick III
Barbarian Beast Bitches of the Badlands Carlton Mellick III
The Egg Man Carlton Mellick III
Crab Town Carlton Mellick III
The Morbidly Obese Ninja Carlton Mellick III
Scary People Kyle Muntz
Slasher Camp for Nerd Dorks Christoph Paul
In Heaven Everything Is Fine Cameron Pierce
The Best Bizarro Fiction of the Decade Cameron Pierce
Gargoyle Girls of Spider Island Cameron Pierce
Cthulhu Comes to the Vampire Cameron Pierce
Abortion Arcade Cameron Pierce
Die You Doughnut Bastards Cameron Pierce
Lost in Cat Brain Land Cameron Pierce
Amazing Stories of the Flying Spaghetti Monster Cameron Pierce
Benjamin Pedro Proenca
Grambo Dustin Reade
Skullcrack City Jeremy Robert Johnson
Arachniphile Betty Rocksteady
Her Fingers Tamara Romero
Patry Wolves in My Skull Michael Allen Rose
Dodgeball High Bradley Sands
Shit Luck Tiffany Scandal
There’s No Happy Ending Tiffany Scandal
Pixiegate Madoka Michael Sean LeSueur
Bigfoot Cop Kevin Shamel
Rotten Little Animals Kevin Shamel
Island of the Super People Kevin Shamel
Babes in Gangland Bix Skahill
The Emerald Burrito of Oz John Skipp and Marc Levinthal
Rainbows Suck Madeleine Swann
King Space Void Anthony Trevino
The Church of TV as God Daniel Vlasaty
Avoiding Mortimer J.W. Wargo
Rock n Roll Headcase Lee Widener


Motherfucking Sharks Brian Allen Carr
The Obese Nick Antosca
American Monster J.S. Breukelaar
Anatomy Courses Blake Butler
The Last Horror Novel in the History Brian Allen Carr
The Shape of Every Monster Brian Allen Carr
The Collected Works of Noah Cicero Noah Cicero
The Noah Cicero Bathroom Reader Noah Cicero
Bipolar Cowboy Noah Cicero
The Collected Works of Noah Cicero Noah Cicero
The Narrator Michael Cisco
The Door that Faced West Alan Clark
The Last Final Girl Stephen Graham Jones
Zombie Sharks with Metal Teeth Stephen Graham Jones
Zombie Bake-Off Stephen Graham Jones
Where We Live and Die Brian Keene
Gil the Nihilist Sean Kilpatrick
Sucker June Sean Kilpatrick
Chick Bassist Ross E Lockhart
Cult of Loretta Kevin Maloney
The Collected Works of Scott McClanahan Scott McClanahan
The Devil in Kansas David Ohle
Lazy Fascist Review Cameron Pierce
Lazy Fascist Review #2 Cameron Pierce
Witch Piss Sam Pink
The Self Esteem Holocaust Comes Home Sam Pink
The No Hellos Diet Sam Pink
Hurt Others Sam Pink
Basal Ganglia Matthew Revert
The Humble Assessment Kris Saknussemm
The Laughter of Strangers Michael Seidlinger
The Fun We’ve Had Michael Seidlinger
Mother of a Machine Gun Michael Seidlinger
The Art of Horrible People John Skipp
The Pleasure Merchant Molly Tanzer
A Pretty Mouth Molly Tanzer
Colony Collapse J.A. Tyler
Broken Piano for President Patrick Wensink


Long Form Religious Porn Laura Lee Bahr
Ecstatic Inferno Autumn Christian
The Last Goddamn Hollywood Movie John Skipp & Cody Goodfellow
Human Furniture Devora Gray
Haunt Laura Lee Bahr
I’ll Fuck Anything that Moves and Stephen Hawking Violet LeVoit
Art is the Devil John Skipp
Puppet Skin Danger Slater
I Will Rot Without You Danger Slater


Punk Rock Ghost Story David Agranoff
Amazing Punk Stories David Agranoff
Boot Boys of Wolf Reich David Agranoff
The Vegan Revolution with Zombies David Agranoff
Escape from Shit Town Sam W. Anderson
Whargoul Dave Brockie
Tribesmen Adam Cesare
You Might Just Make it Out of This Alive Garrett Cook
A God of Hungry Walls Garrett Cook
Answers of Silence Geoff Cooper
Santa Claus Saves the World Robert Devereaux
Baby First Books Robert Devereaux
Walking Wounded Robert Devereaux
Santa Claus Conquers the Homophobes Robert Devereaux
Santa Steps Out Robert Devereaux
Deadweight Robert Devereaux
Skinnz Andre Duza
WZMB Andre Duza
Technicolor Terrorists Andre Duza
Son of Bitch Andre Duza
Clickers II Gonzalez & Keene
Clickers III Gonzalez & Keene
Hero Gonzalez & White
Clickers Gonzlez
Reincarnage Ryan Harding
Genital Grinder Ryan Harding
His Pain Wrath James White
The Complex Brian Keene
The Rising Brian Keene
City of the Dead Brian Keene
Jacks Magic Beans Brian Keene
Take the Long Way Home Brian Keene
Dark Hollow Brian Keene
Ghost Walk Brian Keene
The Cage Brian Keene
The Rising Deliverance Brian Keene
Earthworm Gods Brian Keene
Earthworm Gods Brian Keene
The Rising Brian Keene
Earthworm Gods II Brian Keene
Last of the Albatwiches Brian Keene
A Gathering of Crows Brian Keene
Survivor Brian Keene
Castaways Brian Keene
An Occurrence at Crazy Bear Valley Brian Keene
Entombed Brian Keene
Ghoul Brian Keene
Urban Gothic Brian Keene
Dead  Sea Brian Keene
Tequila’s Sunrise Brian Keene
Darkness on the Edge of Town Brian Keene
Clickers vs Zombies Gonzalez & Keene
Welcome to Necropolis Bryan Killian
Die You Bastard Die Jan Kozlowski
Header Edward Lee
Terra Insanus Edward Lee
The Dunwich Romance Edward Lee
Carnal Surgery Edward Lee
Mangled Meat Edward Lee
Pages Torn from a Travel Journal Edward Lee
Monsters Don’t Cry Shane McKenzie
Wet & Screaming Shane McKenzie
All You Can Eat Shane McKenzie
Clusterfuck Carlton Mellick III
Highways to Hell Bryan Smith
Sixty-Five Stirrup Iron Road Various
Cupid in Bondage Wrath James White
The Book of a Thousand Sins Wrath James White
Like Porno for Psychos Wrath James White
Bigfoot Crank Stomp Erik Williams
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Valentine’s Day Kindle Sale

Happy Valentine’s Day Bizarro Fiction fans! We love you! We love you so much we want to be inside your kindle. Caressing it. Stimulating the pixels on your e-ink displays. Which is why from now until February 20th, you can get the Kindle edition of the following NINE books for  just 99 cents each or  FREE if you purchase or have already purchased the paperback edition. Spread the love!


Fantastic Orgy by Carlton Mellick III

1936383802Kindle regularly $4.95, BUY NOW FOR $0.99

Shark women, mutant cats, and strange sexually transmitted diseases.

Over the past few decades, sexually transmitted diseases have evolved in unusual ways. Herpes, AIDS, Gonorrhea; these are all STDs of the past. These days, sexually transmitted diseases are more extreme and bizarre. Not exactly diseases anymore, they are more like sexually transmitted body modifications. There’s an STD that changes your hair color, an STD that causes your toes to grow larger, one causes you to grow extra breasts on your body, another causes your skin to grow long metal spikes, and there’s an especially annoying STD that causes you to ejaculate miniature eyeballs.

Tonight is Share Your STD Night at the Demon Seed Swingers Club. Although most members of society fear the idea of contracting these diseases, there are some underground deviants who embrace them. They believe the diseases make them strange, unique, and beautiful. So they come together once a month to trade their wonderful STDs with each other in a surreal, fantastical orgy. However, tonight will not be like other nights. There’s a new disease spreading through the sex club, a disease that causes people to become rabid bloodthirsty killing machines. As the infected rampage through the Demon Seed, the survivors realize there’s only one thing they can do to survive the night: turn their grotesque STDs into deadly super weapons.

Also featuring the short stories:

Candy-Coated – A buff dude with a lollipop for a head has a hard time picking up the laydaaays due to all of the bearded truckers who keep trying to lick his head.

Ear Cat – A Kitty of the Month Club selection gone horribly wrong.

City Hobgoblins – A member of a punk rock band falls in love with a shark-like creature. (a prequel to the cult novel Satan Burger)

Porno in August – A group of porn actors find themselves floating in the middle of the ocean, unable to remember who they are or why they are there. (Chosen for The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror)

Die You Doughnut Bastards by Cameron Pierce


Kindle regularly $6.95, BUY NOW FOR $0.99

“Like William S. Burroughs on crack!” – Thomas F. Monteleone, New York Times bestselling author

The bacon storm is rolling in. We hear the grease and sugar beat against the roof and windows. The doughnut people are attacking. We press close together, forgetting for a moment that we hate each other.

In Die You Doughnut Bastards, amputees, lonely young people, and talking animals struggle for survival against the freakish whims of nature. A typewriter made of fetuses is the source of woe for an expecting couple. A girl with a glass jaw hides an otherworldly secret. A demonic loner goes to a birthday party in Hell. You’ll encounter a killer in a marsupial mask, a prison for anorexics, haunted pancakes, and a songwriter with a cult following.

Surreal prose poems give way to personal accounts of alienation and modern love. Vegetarian narwhals are sold at the supermarket. And in a city that might be your own, zombie doughnuts are rising up. Kill yourself before they kill you. Or just kill yourself.

Featuring original illustrations in the style of Daniel Johnston, Die You Doughnut Bastards is the latest way to drown, brought to you by Wonderland Book Award-winning author Cameron Pierce.

Time Pimp by Garrett Cook


Kindle regularly $4.95, BUY NOW FOR $0.99

“One part Doctor Who, one part Hustler Magazine, and the most fun you’ll have reading cosmic smut.”
– Jeff Burk, author of Shatnerquake

“A wonderfully ridiculous book . . . delivers imagination balanced by genuinely caring and adept writing.”
– Kris Saknussemm, author of The Humble Assessment

The Time Pimp has been saving the galaxy by getting history’s most important figures laid. From Caligula to Teddy Roosevelt, the Time Pimp has rolled up to the scene in his interstellar purple Cadillac and got them some ass. But a new power threatens the future of the Time Pimp – The Morality Front, a prudish force hell-bent on imposing its values on the galaxy. With the aid of the Death Pimp they will stop at nothing to end Free Love across time and space.

But the Time Pimp ain’t taking no shit from these jive-ass turkeys!


Basal Ganglia by Matthew Revert


Kindle regularly $5.95, BUY NOW FOR $0.99

Basal Ganglia casts an unsettling spell, but one that in its aphoristic intensity and lightning-flash insights into human loneliness and connection, achieves a genuine empathic wisdom.” – SERGIO DE LA PAVA, author of A Naked Singularity

“Matthew Revert is one of the visionaries. What else can you say?” – SCOTT MCCLANAHAN, author of Hill William and Crapalachia

As teenagers, two lovers, Rollo and Ingrid, escape the world as it is known to live underground in a sprawling pillow fort that mirrors the structure of the human brain. Construction of the fort takes 25 years and once complete, their life exists to honor the fort in all it requires. Basal Ganglia begins countless years after they have become enslaved to the fort process. Rollo and Ingrid have lost any connection to their pasts and each other. Nothing exists beyond the patterns required by the fort. In an effort to become more than stasis, Ingrid expresses her desire to have a baby. Not wanting to subject another human to their strange world, she decides she will knit the baby using materials Rollo gathers from the fort. The emergence of this baby leads to paranoia between Rollo and Ingrid with both believing the other means the child harm. Within the confines of their cloistered world, the two engage in psychological warfare, desperately searching for a conclusion they don’t understand. As a result, they will find connection with their past, each other and the true nature of their identities.

The Obese by Nick Antosca


Kindle regularly $4.95, BUY NOW FOR $0.99

Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds-with obese people.

Nina Gilten works in the fashion industry. She retouches images for Redbook, Teen Vogue, Chic, Marie Claire, and Nylon. Her work involves shaving off hipbones, masking moles, and giving more sheen to the lusterless skin of supermodels. In other words, she makes people beautiful. But when a vengeful houseguest forwards Nina’s private correspondence with her boss to popular feminist blog Jezebel, Nina finds herself jobless and ostracized.

Then rabid obese people start rampaging on the streets of New York.

Thrown together with her ex-boyfriend Chris and his fiancé, the gorgeous Molly Sweet, Ferdinand (a male model with a fat fetish), Chantal (also a model), and Dora (the vengeful houseguest who destroyed her career), Nina must fend for her life in a world where the people she hates most are now trying to eat her.

Lazy Fascist Press is proud to present The Obese, a bloody satire about body image and America’s obesity epidemic, written by Shirley Jackson Award-winner Nick Antosca.

Also featuring the bonus story “Predator Bait.”

The Collected Works of Scott McClanahan Vol. 1 by Scott McClanahan


Kindle regularly $5.95, BUY NOW FOR $0.99

“Scott McClanahan is a powerful, exceptional writer, and the overall effect of reading his deceptively simple stories is like getting hit in the head by a champion cage fighter cranked up on meth that was cooked in a trailer without running water in some Kentucky backwoods where people sing murder ballads to their children to put them to sleep.”
-DONALD RAY POLLOCK, author of The Devil All the Time

“He might be one of the great southern storytellers of our time.”

“When I discovered the stories of Scott McClanahan last year, I was instantly enthralled with his natural storytelling voice and freaky funny tales. There’s no pretense to Scott’s work. It’s like you’re just dropped right into the middle of these fantastic and true stories. It’s like a sweet blend of my favorite southern writers, Larry Brown and Harry Crews. Reading McClanahan is like listening to a good friend telling you his best real-life stories on your back porch on a humid night. And you both got a nice whiskey buzz going.”
-KEVIN SAMPSELL, author of A Common Pornography

“McClanahan’s prose is unfettered and kinetic and his stories seem like a hyper-modern iteration of local color fiction. His delivery is guileless and his morality ambivalent and you get the sense, while reading him, that he is sitting next to you on a barstool, eating peanuts and drinking a beer, and intermittently getting up to pick a song on the jukebox.”

“Reads like Bukowski with more surprises.”


Genital Grinder by Ryan Harding


Kindle regularly $4.95, BUY NOW FOR $0.99

“Think you’re hardcore? Think again. If you’ve handled everything Edward Lee, Wrath James White, and Bryan Smith have thrown at you, then put on your rubber parka, spread some plastic across the floor, and get ready for Ryan Harding, the unsung master of hardcore horror. Abandon all hope, ye who enter here. Harding’s work is like an acid bath, and pain has never been so sweet.” – Brian Keene

“Enjoy the tour, friends. Enjoy the gang-bang. You may need psych drugs afterwards, you may need an air-sick bag and a steam shower, but I feel confident that you will be provocatively moved by this book.” – Edward Lee, from his introduction

Genital Grinder collects the most sought after and most extreme fiction from the diamond in the puke – Ryan Harding.




Like Porno for Psychos by Wrath James White

1936383845Kindle regularly $4.95, BUY NOW FOR $0.99

“Violent, erotic, blasphemous, and extreme.” -Fear Zone
“Without apologies, White tears through your emotions, from sympathy to hate, humor to shock…” -Horror Web
From a world-ending orgy to home liposuction. From the hidden desires of politicians to a woman with a fetish for lions. This is a place where necrophilia, self-mutilation, and murder are all roads to love.
Like Porno for Psychos collects the most extreme erotic horror from the celebrated hardcore horror master. Wrath James White is your guide through sex, death, and the darkest desires of the heart.






Dark Hollow by Brian Keene

1621050300Kindle regularly $7.95, BUY NOW FOR $0.99

Something very strange is happening in LeHorn’s Hollow…
Eerie, piping music is heard late at night, and mysterious fires have been spotted deep in the woods. Women are vanishing without a trace overnight, leaving behind husbands and families.
When up-and-coming novelist Adam Senft stumbles upon an unearthly scene, it plunges him and the entire town into an ancient nightmare. Folks say the woods in LeHorn’s Hollow are haunted, but what waits there is far worse than any ghost. It has been summoned…and now it demands to be satisfied.