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2018 Events and Appearances

Wondering where you can meet Eraserhead Press and the bizarro authors we publish? Below is a list of events where you can find us this year. If you are coming to any of these awesome festivals, please comment and let us know. We’d love to hear from you and meet you in person!

March 1- 4 StokerCon,  Providence, RI
March 7-10 AWP (Association of Writers & Writing Programs Conference), Tampa, FL
March 24th The Outer Dark Symposium,  San Jose, CA
May 4-6 Crypticon,  Seattle, WA
June 9-10 Printer’s Row Lit Fest , Chicago, IL
July 19-22 Necon, Portsmouth, RI
July 11-14 Celsius 232, Avilés, Spain
August 3-5 Scares That Care , Williamsburg, VA
August 24-26 KillerCon , Austin, TX
October HP Lovecraft Film Festival, Portland, OR
November BizarroCon, Portland, OR
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New Release: I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I’M DOING by Andrew Wayne Adams

We are thrilled to announce the release of this delightful collection of bizarro stories from Andrew Wayne Adams. His unique, absurdist storytelling has captivated us for years, and we are excited to share the best of it with you for the first time in this solo collection.


I have no idea why I’m full of tadpoles and mayonnaise. No idea why this cockroach is psychoanalyzing me. I don’t know what you’re doing with that moose on your shoulder, don’t know why you still don’t love me even after I bought you that pack of gum. I’m not sure where this elevator is going, or how I got on it. Not sure how I didn’t notice the ground beef coming out of every faucet in my new apartment. I have no idea why bagpipes and drums go so well with chainsaw murder. I have no idea what kind of sandwich I want before I commit suicide. I have no idea what I’m doing.

Containing thirty-one stories written over the past ten years, this collection chronicles the total inability of Andrew Wayne Adams to know what he is doing.

Buy Now!

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New Release: Jimbo Yojimbo by David W. Barbee

Happy New Year! We are kicking off 2018 with our first release of the year, JIMBO YOJIMBO by David W. Barbee. This book captivated our hearts amongst what will be the best year of bizarro books from Eraserhead Press, yet! So start the year off right and get your hands on a copy.

Jimbo YojimboFRONT

From the author of Bacon Fried Bastard and A Town Called Suckhole, comes a countrified samurai epic in the vein of Squidbillies if directed by Akira Kurosawa.

A flood of frogs drowned the cities and gunked up all the guns. Now an evil restaurant chain called the Buddha Gump Shrimp Company rules a finger-licking shogunate of seafood mutants and murderous redneck swordsmen like Jimbo Yojimbo. Jimbo wants revenge on the Company for killing his family and stitching a cuttlefish to his face. After a daring escape, he will hack his way through hordes of crawdad soldiers, a church of quacking gun nuts on a jihad, and Bushido Budnick, the master chef who rules them all. But with every step he takes, Jimbo Yojimbo’s sweet revenge will surely begin to taste like shit gumbo.

JIMBO YOJIMBO is fast-paced post-apocalyptic redneck samurai tale of love, revenge, and a whole lotta mutant sumbitches.


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New Release: The Unyielding by Gary Shipley

“Absurdist horror at its best. Gary Shipley had me hooked from beginning to end. Definitely give this one a read.” – Carlton Mellick III, author of Quicksand House


“Horror rarely gets this close to home, spread like anomalous paste – cold, slick and tasty – over the pallid flesh of your nearest and dearest. This is modern family life perfectly rendered into the glue-goo-glow of couch and monitor screen: a sticky rigor vitus of the most banal and inexplicable nuclear necrodomesticity. Weird, absurd, monstrously tragicomic, the story really gets the human nature of horror before oozing somewhere else… Read it and seep.” – Prof. Fred Botting, author of Limits of Horror: Technology, Bodies, Gothic.

Something is horribly wrong with my wife. She doesn’t move anymore. When I try to lift her I can’t. It’s like she’s glued to the floor, or impaled on something. But her body keeps randomly appearing around the house in contorted positions: facedown in the hallway, at the end of our daughter’s bed, and on the ceiling of the main room, her feet, hands and backside flat to the plaster.

There is a cold translucent slime coating her skin. The scent of her is intense and repugnant, and yet I am finding myself increasingly drawn to her. I have a desire to merge with her. The children, too, want to be near her. Sitting on top of her brings them comfort as they stare at their tablets and phones. We stop going to work and to school. We feed from her. We begin to change. And we are not the only ones…

The Unyielding is a darkly surreal tale that details what happens to a family when one of its members becomes an immovable: an entity that while corpse-like is also spatially-inconstant, oddly nutritious, and excessively seductive to surrounding humans. If you’ve ever wondered what philosophical pessimism looks like in the flesh, it looks like this.


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New Bizarro Author Series

Eraserhead Press is pleased to present the New Bizarro Author Series lineup for 2018! We have six new writers to introduce you to this year, selected and edited by Garrett Cook. This is the ninth year of the series which is known for delivering fresh new voices to the Bizarro Fiction audience and this year we’ve given the books a fresh new look as well! We’ve done away with the traditional cover design template and also made them a cute new size. Another change we’ve made is that the books will be released on a bi-monthly basis throughout 2018. Thank you for your continued support of the series, we hope you’ll be as excited about these changes and these new books as we are!


by Larissa Glasser
Release Date: January 15, 2018
A cruise ship on the back of a sleeping kaiju. A transgender bartender trying to come terms with who she is. A rift in dimensions known as The Sway. A cruel captain. A storm of turmoil, insanity and magic is coming together and taking a ship deep into the unknown. What will Carol the bartender learn in this maddening nonplace that changes bodies and minds alike into bizarre terrors? What is the sleeping monster who holds up the ship trying to tell her? What do Carol’s fractured sense of self and a community of internet trolls have to do with the sudden pull of The Sway?
Pre-order Now


by Caleb Wilson
Release Date: March 15, 2018
You’ve seen monster hunts before. You’ve watched as a guy with throwing axes and ninja stars ascends stairs to fight a big furry werewolf with tentacles or a floating head of indeterminate origin. You’ve seen hunters. But you’ve never seen Polymer. Polymer’s got style, Polymer’s got sex appeal, Polymer’s got panache. And you, lucky reader, get to join us right behind the glass in Sickleburg Castle where the battle of the century is about to commence. Who is the man behind the music, the monsters, the guts, the gore and the glory? Get ready for an event like no other.
Pre-order Now

by Katy Quinn
Release Date: May 15, 2018
Winnie and Colt forever. Winnie is Colt’s one and only, Colt is Winnie’s true love. Winnie is Colt’s rifle. There is nothing Winnie wants more than to please Colt and since a rifle is everything the young cowboy’s ever wanted, she certainly does that. But one day Winnie finds that she is not a rifle but in fact a woman. Can Winnie keep the sparks between them ignited, even if she isn’t the gun of his dreams. What happens if she can’t?
Pre-order Now



Eviscerator by Farah Rose Smith
Release Date: July 15, 2018
Vex Valis- doctor. Vex Valis- rocker. Vex Valis- iconoclast. You would think Vex Valis has it all but what Vex has is a secret that rots away at her from her very core. Vex is infected with Gut Ghouls and will do anything to be rid of them, even if it means consorting with subterranean worms or blending science and the occult in dangerous and unsavory ways. You may envy Vex’s jet setting Dark Wave scientist lifestyle but you won’t when you see the trials incurred when she catches the attention of a being that rends people and worlds alike, the scrutiny of…The Eviscerator
Pre-order Now


Fell Beauties by Leigham Shardlow
Release Date: September 15, 2018
In the last outpost of ugliness in the world, beautiful people are falling from the sky. When Fat Janet is kicked out of the buffet where she has holed up for food and safety, she is forced to confront not only the reality of perfect falling bodies but the attentions of an overzealous plastic surgeon and his followers. She teams up with a mystery man in hopes of getting out of this alive but soon finds that confronting the problem head on is the only option. Can imperfection survive this beautiful disaster?




Crime of the Scene
by Shawn Koch
Release Date: November 15, 2018
Art, a detective investigating a crime scene finds that nested inside this crime scene is another, and inside that another. Demons, physical deformity, body switching and endless trials await Art, as he begins to face his own transgressions. Reality grows distant as he soon comes to realize that he has stumbled not only upon the scene of many crimes but of all crimes. Art might just have what it takes to get to the bottom of these but only if he gets to the bottom of himself.

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New Release: PARASITE MILK by Carlton Mellick III

We’re excited to announce the release of PARASITE MILK, the latest bizarro novella from Carlton Mellick III.


Irving Rice has just arrived on the planet Kynaria to film an episode of the popular Travel Channel television series Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern: Intergalactic Edition.  Having never left his home state, let alone his home planet, Irving is hit with a severe case of culture shock. He’s not prepared for Kynaria’s mushroom cities, fungus-like citizens, or the giant insect wildlife. And the only human companion he has with him on the voyage is an obnoxious, sex-crazed producer named Mick Meyers, who seems more focused on alien sex tourism than scouting locations for the show.

Irving is taken on a crash course in Kynarian culture, tasting the strange local delicacies to getting drunk off the horrific local brews, until they find themselves ending the night at an alien brothel in the mushroom forests outside of town. Irving is completely resistant to the idea of sleeping with a non-human prostitute until he meets the most beautiful creature he’s ever seen in his life—a nymph-like woman with pink and purple skin, blue plant-like hair, and flowers growing from her head like butterfly antennae. But after a night of passionate lovemaking, Irving finds himself infected by dangerous sexually-transmitted parasites that turn his otherworldly business trip into an agonizing fight for survival.

From the godfather of bizarre fiction, Carlton Mellick III, author of Village of the Mermaids and Warrior Wolf Women of the Wasteland, comes an erotic and disturbing tale of sex on the weird side of the galaxy.


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New Release: THE WARBLERS by Amber Fallon

Eraserhead Press is proud to present our latest release THE WARBLERS by Amber Fallon. This is the perfect read if you, like us, are in the mood a weird horror coming-of-age story to kick off the Fall season!

The Warblers Front Cover

After the sun would go down, I’d hear them out there, back by the shed, shrieking their twisted warbling cries out there in the night, followed by squeals of whatever prey they’d managed to hunt down.

When his rural farm becomes overrun with terrifying beasts called Warblers capable of eating livestock, dogs, and even people, 14-year-old Dell McDale’s life is torn asunder. He watches through the eyes of a boy on the verge of becoming a man as his father is forced to go to awful lengths to rid the family home of the infestation, culminating in a confrontation between Dell and a local bully-turned-soldier on a night that will change everyone involved, forever.

The Warblers is a mysterious tale of a young man learning what fear can do to people and what happens when in order to fight monsters, one must side with another monster.

“Amber Fallon is a force to be reckoned with, delivering kickass action and intense emotion in generous measures!” – Christine Morgan

Available in paperback now!
Ebook edition coming soon!

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New Release: MUSCLE MEMORY by Steve Lowe

Loyal readers remember MUSCLE MEMORY as published through the New Bizarro Author Series several years back. This story has recently been receiving attention from a new audience and Steve Lowe has updated and expanded the story in this brand new edition!

“It’s always a risky proposition: to take a well-known trope (especially one that peaked in the films of the 80s) and try to find a new way to spin it. In Muscle Memory, Steve Lowe takes his cue from movies like Freaky Friday and Like Father, Like Son, presenting a tale of bodies switched and swapped all over a small community. Using some clever writing however, Lowe transcends the typical structure of those stories and takes it to a whole new level of absurd and hilarious wonder.”  —Michael Allen Rose, author of Embry: Hard-boiled


More Muscle, More Memory…

Billy Gillespie wakes up one morning to discover his junk is gone. In its place is his wife’s junk. Billy is now Tina, and Tina is probably dead. That’s because Billy’s dead. His lifeless body is still in bed and empty beer bottles and a container of antifreeze litter the kitchen counter. Did Tina really poison Billy? Can he and his neighbors, all experiencing their own bouts of body switcheroo, fix this before the Feds find Billy’s body? Was it aliens, or God, or the government? What was Edgar Winter really doing with his sheep? Is pro football Hall of Famer Terry Bradshaw the key to everything? What Would Kirk Cameron Do? In the expanded edition of this New Bizarro Author Series original, all will be revealed. Maybe.



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New Release: THE BIG MEAT by Carlton Mellick III

From the godfather of bizarro fiction, Carlton Mellick III, award-winning author of Quicksand House and Cuddly Holocaust, comes a “kaiju” tribute novel that explores the surreal aftermath of a giant monster attack.


The creature was finally dead. After months of fighting it, trying desperately to stop it as it rampaged across the American countryside, turning city after city into a landscape of rubble, we finally managed to beat the damned thing. We actually saved the human species. We survived.

But the corpse still lingers.

In the center of the city once known as Portland, Oregon, there lies a mountain of flesh. Hundreds of thousands of tons of rotting flesh. It has filled the city with disease and dead-lizard stench, contaminated the water supply with its greasy putrid fluids, clogged the air with toxic gasses so thick that you can’t leave your house without the aid of a gas mask. And no one really knows quite what to do about it. A thousand-man demolition crew has been trying to clear it out one piece at a time, but after three months of work they’ve barely made a dent. And then there’s the junkies who have started burrowing into the monster’s guts, searching for a drug produced by its fire glands, setting back the excavation even longer.

It seems like the corpse will never go away. And with the quarantine still in place, we’re not even allowed to leave. We’re stuck in this disgusting rotten hell forever.

The Big Meat is a gut-wrenching, nerve-squirming survival story of loss, addiction, and claustrophobia.

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