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Eraserhead Press Celebrates its Sixth Year of the New Bizarro Author Series

We’re excited to announce the newest authors and books that have been accepted as part of 2014’s New Bizarro Author Series! Over the past six years, Eraserhead Press has welcomed 32 authors into the New Bizarro Author Series, growing not only the number of professional bizarro authors in the field, but growing our community.

The authors feel this, as well. Andy de Fonseca, author of The Cheat Code for God Mode says, “I’ve never been part of a community that was more supportive than the bizarros, who were constantly cheering on the NBAS authors and helping them succeed.”

Gabino Iglesias, author of Gutmouth agrees, saying, “Getting your first published is great and can open a lot of doors. Getting your first book published by the NBAS is better than great; it means you’re part of the world’s most awesome family, and gives you dynamite to blow doors open and burst in screaming with a beer in one hand and a laser gun with another.”

The Eraserhead Press New Bizarro Author Series is designed to showcase first books by unknown writers.  Being part of the New Bizarro Author Series not only gives new authors a community, it also gives these authors the opportunity to learn the publishing business and solidify their foundations as authors. According to Michael Allen Rose, author of Party Wolves in My Skull. “The New Bizarro Author Series opened doors I didn’t even know were doors. The people I met, the editors and other authors who read my work, and the opportunities it afforded me were unparalleled. My experience there helped a great deal in my quest to become a fixture in the bizarro and weird fiction communities. You learn more about marketing yourself by being in the trenches than any class or seminar could teach you, and the NBAS drops you kicking and screaming into the front-lines naked and armed with nothing but a squirrel and a spatula. But then you turn and notice all the people that have your back, and you know you’re ready to charge into battle.”

This year, Eraserhead Press is thrilled to welcome Scott Cole, Tom Lucas and Brian Auspice to the New Bizarro Author Series and to the bizarro family.



Things were bad when Darren lost his arm to a drunken farmer driving a stolen bulldozer the wrong way down a one-way city street. All he had left was the strange tingling sensation where his arm had been and a life that was no longer there. Now, even that is about to be stolen from him.
The foulest mad scientist the world has ever seen has plans for Darren’s phantom limb, and the limbs of all the other amputees he can attack. He is gathering them to build the greatest Frankenstein ghost ever made from phantom body parts—a SuperGhost designed to destroy the world! And it will take Darren and a ragtag band of amputation survivors to bring down the creature and save mankind from total destruction!






Intergalactic kidnappers have taken the son of a simple construction worker, demanding that he enter the greatest fighting tournament in the universe, the SkullCrushFest, and murder every one of his opponents.

They picked the wrong guy to mess with.

Titanus might not be a natural fighter, but he’s got the greatest gladiator coach in the games and a not-so-secret weapon–his alien ability to increase any body part in size or length.

Also, it doesn’t hurt that he’s ten feet tall, has four arms, and two massive war hammers.

Are you ready to crush some skulls? Are you ready to bash and crash? Well then…

It’s time to GET BIG!



 DEEP BLUE by Brian Auspice

The destruction of the old city must be prevented. John feeds the machine nightly. The devil in the fridge watches. Nobody wants to be a man-in-a-can anymore. Take in a show at Jeremy’s. Get your head checked at Fred’s. Ride the rails until the tracks are set ablaze by firefighters who fight fires with fire. Tuesday’s coming. Did you remember to bring your coat?

From Brian Auspice comes a down-the-rabbit-hole adventure into the depths of the human condition.

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