BIZARRO MONDAY ebook sale!


CRAZY EBOOK SALE! TODAY only, over 200 titles in our catalog are just $0.99 each. Find books from all imprints and popular authors!
Here’s a complete list:


Janitor of Planet Anilingus Andrew Wayne Adams
Japan Conquers the Galaxy Kirsten Alene
Unicorn Battle Squad Kirsten Alene
Kitten G. Arthur Brown
Deep Blue Brian Auspice
The Night’s Neon Fangs David Barbee
Lepers and Mannequins Eric Beeny
8-Bit Apocalypse Amanda Billings
Shatnerquest Jeff Burk
Cripple Wolf Jeff Burk
House Hunter S.T. Cartledge
Seven Seagulls for a Single Nipple Troy Chambers
SuperGhost Scott Cole
Time Pimp Garrett Cook
Jimmy Plush Teddy Bear Detective Garrett Cook
The Cheat Code for God Mode Andy DeFonseca
Towers Karl Fischer
Trashland A Go-Go Constance Ann Fitzgerald
A Hollow Cube is a Lonely Space S.D. Foster
Wormjob M.T. Granberry
The Mondo Vixen Massacre Jamie Grefe
The Crud Masters Justin Grimbol
Drunk Driving Champion Eric Hendrixson
Gutmouth Gabino Iglesias
Dungeons & Drag Queens M.P Johnson
Gigantic Death Worm Vince Kramer
You are Sloth! Steve Lowe
Pax Titanus Tom Lucas
Placenta of Love Spike Marlowe
Elephant Vice Chris Meekings
The Haunted Vagina Carlton Mellick III
Sweet Story Carlton Mellick III
Apeshit Carlton Mellick III
The Tick People Carlton Mellick III
Christmas on Crack Carlton Mellick III
Sausagey Santa Carlton Mellick III
Cuddly Holocaust Carlton Mellick III
Quicksand House Carlton Mellick III
Ultra Fuckers Carlton Mellick III
Zombies and Shit Carlton Mellick III
Kill Ball Carlton Mellick III
Armadillo Fists Carlton Mellick III
War Slut Carlton Mellick III
The Cannibals of Candyland Carlton Mellick III
Fantastic Orgy Carlton Mellick III
The Menstruating Mall Carlton Mellick III
Sex and Death in Television Town Carlton Mellick III
Barbarian Beast Bitches of the Badlands Carlton Mellick III
The Egg Man Carlton Mellick III
Crab Town Carlton Mellick III
The Morbidly Obese Ninja Carlton Mellick III
Scary People Kyle Muntz
Slasher Camp for Nerd Dorks Christoph Paul
In Heaven Everything Is Fine Cameron Pierce
The Best Bizarro Fiction of the Decade Cameron Pierce
Gargoyle Girls of Spider Island Cameron Pierce
Cthulhu Comes to the Vampire Cameron Pierce
Abortion Arcade Cameron Pierce
Die You Doughnut Bastards Cameron Pierce
Lost in Cat Brain Land Cameron Pierce
Amazing Stories of the Flying Spaghetti Monster Cameron Pierce
Benjamin Pedro Proenca
Grambo Dustin Reade
Skullcrack City Jeremy Robert Johnson
Arachniphile Betty Rocksteady
Her Fingers Tamara Romero
Patry Wolves in My Skull Michael Allen Rose
Dodgeball High Bradley Sands
Shit Luck Tiffany Scandal
There’s No Happy Ending Tiffany Scandal
Pixiegate Madoka Michael Sean LeSueur
Bigfoot Cop Kevin Shamel
Rotten Little Animals Kevin Shamel
Island of the Super People Kevin Shamel
Babes in Gangland Bix Skahill
The Emerald Burrito of Oz John Skipp and Marc Levinthal
Rainbows Suck Madeleine Swann
King Space Void Anthony Trevino
The Church of TV as God Daniel Vlasaty
Avoiding Mortimer J.W. Wargo
Rock n Roll Headcase Lee Widener


Motherfucking Sharks Brian Allen Carr
The Obese Nick Antosca
American Monster J.S. Breukelaar
Anatomy Courses Blake Butler
The Last Horror Novel in the History Brian Allen Carr
The Shape of Every Monster Brian Allen Carr
The Collected Works of Noah Cicero Noah Cicero
The Noah Cicero Bathroom Reader Noah Cicero
Bipolar Cowboy Noah Cicero
The Collected Works of Noah Cicero Noah Cicero
The Narrator Michael Cisco
The Door that Faced West Alan Clark
The Last Final Girl Stephen Graham Jones
Zombie Sharks with Metal Teeth Stephen Graham Jones
Zombie Bake-Off Stephen Graham Jones
Where We Live and Die Brian Keene
Gil the Nihilist Sean Kilpatrick
Sucker June Sean Kilpatrick
Chick Bassist Ross E Lockhart
Cult of Loretta Kevin Maloney
The Collected Works of Scott McClanahan Scott McClanahan
The Devil in Kansas David Ohle
Lazy Fascist Review Cameron Pierce
Lazy Fascist Review #2 Cameron Pierce
Witch Piss Sam Pink
The Self Esteem Holocaust Comes Home Sam Pink
The No Hellos Diet Sam Pink
Hurt Others Sam Pink
Basal Ganglia Matthew Revert
The Humble Assessment Kris Saknussemm
The Laughter of Strangers Michael Seidlinger
The Fun We’ve Had Michael Seidlinger
Mother of a Machine Gun Michael Seidlinger
The Art of Horrible People John Skipp
The Pleasure Merchant Molly Tanzer
A Pretty Mouth Molly Tanzer
Colony Collapse J.A. Tyler
Broken Piano for President Patrick Wensink


Long Form Religious Porn Laura Lee Bahr
Ecstatic Inferno Autumn Christian
The Last Goddamn Hollywood Movie John Skipp & Cody Goodfellow
Human Furniture Devora Gray
Haunt Laura Lee Bahr
I’ll Fuck Anything that Moves and Stephen Hawking Violet LeVoit
Art is the Devil John Skipp
Puppet Skin Danger Slater
I Will Rot Without You Danger Slater


Punk Rock Ghost Story David Agranoff
Amazing Punk Stories David Agranoff
Boot Boys of Wolf Reich David Agranoff
The Vegan Revolution with Zombies David Agranoff
Escape from Shit Town Sam W. Anderson
Whargoul Dave Brockie
Tribesmen Adam Cesare
You Might Just Make it Out of This Alive Garrett Cook
A God of Hungry Walls Garrett Cook
Answers of Silence Geoff Cooper
Santa Claus Saves the World Robert Devereaux
Baby First Books Robert Devereaux
Walking Wounded Robert Devereaux
Santa Claus Conquers the Homophobes Robert Devereaux
Santa Steps Out Robert Devereaux
Deadweight Robert Devereaux
Skinnz Andre Duza
WZMB Andre Duza
Technicolor Terrorists Andre Duza
Son of Bitch Andre Duza
Clickers II Gonzalez & Keene
Clickers III Gonzalez & Keene
Hero Gonzalez & White
Clickers Gonzlez
Reincarnage Ryan Harding
Genital Grinder Ryan Harding
His Pain Wrath James White
The Complex Brian Keene
The Rising Brian Keene
City of the Dead Brian Keene
Jacks Magic Beans Brian Keene
Take the Long Way Home Brian Keene
Dark Hollow Brian Keene
Ghost Walk Brian Keene
The Cage Brian Keene
The Rising Deliverance Brian Keene
Earthworm Gods Brian Keene
Earthworm Gods Brian Keene
The Rising Brian Keene
Earthworm Gods II Brian Keene
Last of the Albatwiches Brian Keene
A Gathering of Crows Brian Keene
Survivor Brian Keene
Castaways Brian Keene
An Occurrence at Crazy Bear Valley Brian Keene
Entombed Brian Keene
Ghoul Brian Keene
Urban Gothic Brian Keene
Dead  Sea Brian Keene
Tequila’s Sunrise Brian Keene
Darkness on the Edge of Town Brian Keene
Clickers vs Zombies Gonzalez & Keene
Welcome to Necropolis Bryan Killian
Die You Bastard Die Jan Kozlowski
Header Edward Lee
Terra Insanus Edward Lee
The Dunwich Romance Edward Lee
Carnal Surgery Edward Lee
Mangled Meat Edward Lee
Pages Torn from a Travel Journal Edward Lee
Monsters Don’t Cry Shane McKenzie
Wet & Screaming Shane McKenzie
All You Can Eat Shane McKenzie
Clusterfuck Carlton Mellick III
Highways to Hell Bryan Smith
Sixty-Five Stirrup Iron Road Various
Cupid in Bondage Wrath James White
The Book of a Thousand Sins Wrath James White
Like Porno for Psychos Wrath James White
Bigfoot Crank Stomp Erik Williams

November 2016 New Books Available 

It’s getting on the most Bizarro time of year! November brings not only BizarroCon, the biggest gathering of Bizarro authors in the world but also brand new Bizarro books for the discriminating weirdo. This year, we have not just another book by Southern fried pulpmaster David W Barbee but also a bizarro dark comedy by skillful Tiffany Scandal! You could order them when they come out next week (Nov 18th) or, if you’re really excited (which you should be), you can preorder them now!


Bacon Fried Bastard by David W Barbee


He was just another man with a drinking problem. Only, alcohol transformed this man into a beastly hulk named Piggly Swiggly. And since he’s always drunk, big and brutal Piggly has drowned his human half in a sea of booze.

After yet another rampaging bender, Piggly Swiggly awakes in a sprawling metropolis full of crocodile zeppelins, greasy bacon addicts, and worse: prohibition. Trapped in this strange tee-totaled town, he must keep his buzz going or else revert to his weak and vulnerable human form. But even then, Piggly Swiggly’s depraved existence may prove his undoing, especially when gangsters are plotting to cut off his snout, a pig-loving princess is looking to steal his heart, and he must face the worst torture of all…sobriety.



Shit Luck by Tiffany Scandal


“One of the most exciting new voices to emerge in years. A deft, masterful mix of both bizarro and horror.”–Brian Keene, author of The Rising and Ghoul

“Dark and grim and surreal.” —Electric Literature

Mondays suck. You get mugged, your car won’t start, you miss the bus, and your stylist burns a bald spot into your head. Suddenly you’re single and unemployed, and the only friend you have left is a cat. By Tuesday, you’ve been murdered. But death isn’t the end. You find yourself on an odyssey between weird worlds, reborn each time you die, stalked obsessively by the man who killed you.

Even in death, you just can’t seem to catch a break. Call it Mercury in retrograde, call it Murphy’s law, call it . . .SHIT LUCK


And of course,  bizarro fans know that November also brings something else to look forward to: The New Bizarro Author Series.  Every year,  Eraserhead Press seeks out the best new talent in bizarro fiction. This year, we bring you four wild, weird and unique new bizarro books for your reading pleasure and you can be the first kid on your block to own ’em!  The books don’t come out until the 17th but you can make sure you get them as soon as humanly possible. How? By preordering them now.


Hate from the Sky by Sean M Thompson

The Sky hates Kyle. He’s not sure exactly what he did to anger The Sky, but now, Kyle’s life is a nightmare. He loses his job, his girlfriend leaves him, not to mention he’s assaulted by hail, rain, flying condoms and anything the sky can possibly throw at him. Trees fall on his house, and hurricanes are sent after him. And that’s just the beginning. Enigmatic emissaries of The Sky come and lend their brand of aid, which only succeeds in sending Kyle on a journey into madness, crime, redemption, sexual indiscretions and despair. Can Kyle make peace with The Sky, or will the entire world always conspire against him?



Tetraminion by R.A. Roth

How much longer can I live like this, if one can call this living?

The question haunts Bill Vine, an adipose junkie with a mean McRecycling habit, as he goes about the business of resupplying his dwindling stores of body fat. But then one day he has an intimate encounter with the deadly but alluring black goo and crosses over into the neo-reality of Tetraminion. In this new world, a degenerate species of enslaved mutants serve as the primary source for gringe, an unspeakable substance distributed by a faceless cabal known as The System. Intent on more than controlling the supply of gringe, The System will exploit Bill’s innermost secrets and fears.



Aunt Poster by John Wayne Comunale

Being a teenager is awkward. Being a teenager when you’re attracted to your aunt is even more awkward. Being a teenager when you’re attracted to your aunt who happens to be a seventies pin-up poster hanging in your uncle’s bathroom is almost unbearable. Aunt Poster is a coming of age story like you’ve never seen before, a tale of guilt, lust and obsession with no easy answers. Can love conquer all this awkwardness? Probably not.



Guitar Wolf by Nicholaus Patnaude

A wolf with guitar strings. A turtle turned into drum. An alligator girl transformed into a synthesizer. A golden retriever converted into a theremin. These animals are the lifeblood of prog/noise group 2666. The beasts live in slavery until a sentient golden ax teaches them that they can be free. Their human masters are ruthless, cruel and desperate for fame but for these creatures, life and freedom is at stake. The instruments of 2666 will fight and die for it.


New Release: NOT SAFE FOR KIDS by Kevin Shamel and Jim Agpalza


Now Available from Spunk Goblin Press (our imprint of children’s books for adults) comes this darkly comical book of stories you WISH you could tell your children.
NOT SAFE FOR KIDS by Kevin Shamel and illustrated by Jim Agpalza.

Ah, children. They are obnoxious little question machines. And they won’t shut up until you’ve given them a response. Dumb jerks. This book addresses all the cold, hard answers to all those stupid, stupid questions like:
Does your poop smell bad? That means you’re dying.
How do little rocks turn into big ones? They eat people.
Did you know you can breathe underwater? It’s true. Your body doesn’t like it at first, but you totally can.
Did you know that holding babies makes you run faster? Try it and see!
Wouldn’t it be cool if you could go back in time and fight dinosaurs for control of the moon? No it wouldn’t be. You’d totally die.
So sit down and layer on the emotional scarring with this read-aloud picture book you WISH you could share with children. A hilarious read that is NOT SAFE FOR KIDS.

Eraserhead Press Announces Open Call For Submissions

For the first time in a decade, Eraserhead Press is opening to unsolicited submissions to our main line! The 2016 reading period runs from June 15-July 15th.

From the submissions page:

Eraserhead Press is seeking novellas and novels of 20,000 to 100,000 words in length that fit into the Bizarro Fiction category. We want exciting, well-crafted weird stories with compelling plots, eccentric characters and never-before-seen concepts. The best way to understand what we are looking for is to familiarize yourself with our catalog. We’re most drawn to darkly absurd tales that are fun and addictive to read, yet still contain a strong emotional core. If you feel you’ve written something completely unique that stands apart from everything else being published today, then we want to see it.

Email your submission to Include with your manuscript an author bio, a 3-5 sentence pitch of your book, and a one-page synopsis. Your manuscript should be well edited and free of grammatical errors. Failure to follow these guidelines may result in automatic rejection. Multiple submissions okay. No simultaneous submissions.  We are not accepting short story collections, poetry or non-fiction at this time.

Author royalty 50% of profit.
Eraserhead Press is interested in English language ebook and paperback rights. All other rights (e.g. audiobook, film, hardcover) are retained by the author.

DRUNK DRIVING CHAMPION new novel by Eric Hendrixson

Happy Springtime Bizarros! Eraserhead Press has some awesome new releases headed your way. The first is a  book that’s been in the works for a few years and has been having a lot of buzz building around it for its dark humor. DRUNK DRIVING CHAMPION by Eric Hendrixson.


Available on paperback and kindle

“Outlandish fun. A descendant of “Cannonball Run” and “It’s a Mad Mad Mad World” with every bit of the manic exuberance.” -GARRETT COOK, Wonderland Book Award winning author of “Time Pimp”

When a hundred drunk drivers line up for a cross-country competition, it will be a race you won’t forget and they won’t remember.

The best drunk drivers in the nation have gathered at the U.S. Capitol for a race to the Pacific Ocean. They have talent. They have ambition. They have breathalyzers in their cars that will shut off the engine if the driver’s blood alcohol content drops below .16. The flag drops at the height of rush hour.

After a fifty-car pileup at the starting line and dozens of major accidents on the streets of D.C., only six cars make it out of the city. Second-string stockcar drivers, German Kung Fu masters, forgotten Soviet sleeper agents, frat boys, an unemployed sommelier, and a washed-up 80s pop star battle it out in this grueling, action-packed race. Facing overwhelming obstacles and outrageous intoxication, the racers battle the police, AA sponsors, each other, and themselves for the grand prize of one million dollars and a free liver transplant.

From the most sardonic voice in modern fiction comes a debaucherous action-comedy in the form of a bizarro “Cannonball Run.”


Where To Find Bizarro Fiction In Los Angeles This Weekend


Bizarro Fiction writers invade Los Angeles for AWP 2016 and Days of the Dead Convention Thursday, March 31st – Sunday April 3rd!


David Agranoff, Laura Lee Bahr, Leza Cantoral, Brian Allen Carr, Autumn Christian, Noah Cicero, Rios De La Luz,  Juliet Escoria, Constance Ann Fitzgerald, Cody Goodfellow, Gabino Iglesias, M.P. Johnson, Michael Kazepis, Sean Kilpatrick, Andrea Kneeland, Marc Levinthal, Ross E. Lockhart, Kevin Maloney, Scott McClanahan, J. David Osborne, Christoph Paul, Cameron Pierce, Tiffany Scandal, Michael Seidlinger, John Skipp, Danger Slater, Bix Skahill, Anthony Trevino, Grant Wamack


AWP Conference & Book Fair, Los Angeles Convention Center, Booth #431
We have your essential weird fiction pop-up store set up at Booth #431 in the exhibit hall at AWP. You can find titles from Eraserhead Press, Lazy Fascist Press, Fungasm Press, Word Horde, Broken River Books, Lady Box Books, and King Shot Press! Come visit us for personalized recommendations and find out what’s new and what’s hot.

There are TONS of FREE offsite events associated with AWP. Here’s just a few where you will find your bizarro friends:

  • Days of the Dead Convention, Los Angeles Burbank Hotel
    Friday night Splatterpunk legend John Skipp (The Light at the End, Tales of Halloween) moderates this wild discussion DAYS OF THE DEAD: Los Angeles 2016 with some of its finest new writers, showing how Bizarro differs from more traditional horror, science fiction, fantasy, and mainstream tales.Featuring authors:
    Danger Slater (I Will Rot Without You)
    Laura Lee Bahr (Haunt & Long-Form Religious Porn)
    Cody Goodfellow (All-Monster Action)
    Autumn Christian (Ecstatic Inferno)
    MP Johnson (Dungeons & Drag Queens)
    And books will be for sale all weekend at our table in the vendor room!


  • Mass Autograph Signing at Dark Delicacies Bookstore in Burbank, CA
    The weekend will culminate in a giant bizarro bonanza at the coolest bookshop in Burbank on Sunday. If you do one this this weekend, this should be it!Featuring authors:
    JOHN SKIPP (The Art of Horrible People)
    LAURA LEE BAHR (Long-Form Religious Porn)
    DANGER SLATER (I Will Rot Without You)
    AUTUMN CHRISTIAN (Ecstatic Inferno )
    CODY GOODFELLOW (The Last Goddam Hollywood Movie)
    MP JOHNSON (Dungeons and Drag Queens)
    J DAVID OSBORNE (Low Down Death Right Easy)
    RIOS DE LA LUZ (The Pulse between Dimensions and the Desert)
    TIFFANY SCANDAL (Jigsaw Youth)
    MICHAEL KAZEPIS (Long Lost Dog of It)
    MARC LEVINTHAL (The Emerald Burrito of Oz)
    DAVID AGRANOFF (Amazing Punk Stories)
    ROSS E. LOCKHART (anthology wizard)
    GABINO IGLESIAS (Zero Saints)
    CHRISTOPH PAUL (Slasher Camp for Nerd Dorks)
    LEZA CANTORAL (Planet Mermaid)
    GRANT WAMACK (A Lightbulb’s Lament )
    BIX SKAHILL (Babes in Gangland )
    ANTHONY TREVINO (King Space Void)

12 Reasons I Love Being a Book Publisher

407137_348014485226331_404612329_nSometimes it’s important to reflect on why we do what we do. Today, I thought I’d share with you some of the reasons I love book publishing.
by Rose O’Keefe, owner of Eraserhead Press and imprints Deadite Press, Lazy Fascist Press, Fungasm Press, Spunk Goblin Press, The New Bizarro Author Series and the Magazine of Bizarro Fiction. An independent publishing company since 1999. 

  1. I love books and love sharing stories with people.
    • My passion for books is lifelong. I love reading them, I love creating them, I love owning them and I love sharing them. A good story can transport you, transform you, and teach you about life, yourself and other people.
  2. I love creating an entertaining experience for people.
    • Whether it be the experience of reading a great story or attending a fun party. I love thinking about the type of experience I want people to have when they first discover one of our books or interact with us online or in person.
  3. I love bringing people together to share their talents and create cool things.
    • From writers to artists to editors to designers to booksellers, so much talent is involved in the creation and release of a book. I delight in coordinating projects and bringing together talented individuals to create something greater than the sum of its parts.
  4. I love encouraging people to read and talking to them about books.
    • See also #1. Reading is sexy. Enough said.
  5. I love interacting with artistic, creative, passionate people.
    • This has been my life goal since I was a little kid. I didn’t care what I did, as long as it involved lots of people with creative passion.
  6. I love doing something that challenges my intellect and emotions and allows me to experience the feeling that I am contributing to something greater than myself.
    • Owning a business, being a community leader, teaching, creating events and works of art challenge me fully in all the best ways. I am grateful every day for the challenges that offer opportunities for my personal growth and experience of life.
  7. I love injecting some surprise and fun into people’s lives.
    • I’ve always been unconventional. I like to publish books that people wouldn’t find anywhere else. Books that are fun and surprising and bring people joy.
  8. I love doing business in alignment with my highest values with people I trust and respect.
    • I am lucky to have the ability to choose the way in which I work and the good fortune to work with such people.
  9. I love creating experiences where outsiders and people who are often on the fringe feel less alone.
    • In books I have found solace, camaraderie, and information otherwise hidden from my experience. There’s nothing quite like reading a book that feels like it was meant just for you. Discovering that you are not alone in the deepest, darkest, or weirdest thoughts you’ve ever imagined brings a great sense of connection and belonging that I, for one, continuously crave. I also like to incorporate this sensibility into the events I create and the way that I do business with people.
  10. I love promoting the idea that uniqueness and oddity are interesting and beautiful.
    • Because it is. I look for stories that express this is some way. This is a quality of all the art I admire.
  11. I love contributing to culture in a way that encourages intelligence, open mindedness and acceptance.
    • Some of my core values! To appreciate Bizarro Fiction takes an open mind. I will endeavor to always do everything in my power to promote free speech and creative expression.
  12. I love to cheer on talent that I admire and share it with others.
    • Because LOVE!